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Nike React Shoes

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boots DR. MARTENS - 8 eyelet - 1460 - NAVY SMOOTH

boots DR. MARTENS - 8 eyelet - 1460 - NAVY SMOOTH

" The 8-hole Dr. Martens shoes made of genuine leather coated with paint in various shades. Dr. Martens shoes, thanks to the uncompromising appearance, durability and toughness have become worldwide icons in manufacturing shoes. Inner language is at the bottom of the shoe firmly sewn - making it into the shoe does not penetrate water, mud or small stones. The outsole is the rest of the shoe thermally sealed and stitched which favorably affect the durability of footwear. The sole is made along the lines of the original Dr. Martens boots - the air suspension in the sole provides underfoot comfort and durability since 1960. The sole is also resistant to oils, greases and toughness of rubber offers good mechanical resistance and slip resistance. Color: Petrol - Matt. Quality leather shoes! Height about shoes .: 20 cm. The height of the sole (measured at the heel) of approx .: 3cm. Material: genuine leather, paint, rubber outsole. In the top of bot is not a metal brace. "

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Philip ·Category manager Shoes