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Staple Guns

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Rapid R83 Handy Fine Wire Staple Gun

Rapid R83 Handy Fine Wire Staple Gun

The Rapid R83 is an ergonomic, high-capacity tacker for use with Rapid fine wire No.13 Staples 6-14mm and No.8 Brads 15mm. Fine wire staples are barely visible and have minimal effect on textile fibres; ideal for demanding jobs such as securing textiles, canvas, leather, posters, netting, labels, beading or frames. The tacker has all-steel wear parts to ensure strength and durability. It is manually operated and has a noise damper and recoil free action. Other features include an adjustable impact force with a maximum setting for long staples or hard materials and a staple window to show the length of staples in use and when it is time to reload. Covered by a 2 year guarantee Fires:Fine wire staples - Type 13 6mm to 14mm.No8 Brads 15mm.


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