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Pest Control Patio Magic! Green Mould and Algae 2500ml

Patio Magic! Green Mould and Algae 2500ml

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Three tips for buying pest control

The type you should choose depends on which pest you want to get rid of. Many people have problems with different types of insects, rodents and snails, as well as larger animals such as deer. Some of these can be scared off, others are better to poison. These are the most common means of pest control:

Of course, you want to get rid of the pests, but it's important not to use anything that can affect other species. There are several reasons for this. Other than the ones you're trying to get rid of, many insects are important for the well-being of the garden. And, you may have protected animals in your immediate environment. So choose your weapons with care!

If you have problems with snails or slugs in your garden, it may be better to buy slug repelling barriers for your flower or vegetable beds than to spread toxins all over the lawn and risk poisoning other species.

Reports say that bees are affected not only by poison used to kill off other unwanted bugs, but also the way our society is changing in how we build our citys and how we cultivate the lands. Do what you can to help save the bees.

Many people find the idea of using poisons or traps unpleasant. You could instead choose to use mechanical traps that capture pests without harming them. They can then be released elsewhere. Unfortunately, this can be less effective against mice and rats, as they multiply quickly and seek warmth indoors when it’s cold outside.

Many animals can also be kept away with the help of animal scarers. These include the type stuck into the ground to away moles by means of vibrations. Indoors, there are boxes that are plugged into power sockets and send out sound waves that we humans don't perceive. These are also a good option if you have children or pets and want to avoid accidental poisoning.

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