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Garden Shears Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86

Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86

Garden Shear, Top Pruner, Telescopic Handle, Bypass Blade, Soft Grip, Lock Function, Branch Diameter (max): 32 mm, Length 7 cm



Three tips when buying pruning shears

After a long day of gardening, you don't want to be tired and sore. To avoid stiffness and other problems, you should look for garden shears with an ergonomic design, which includes:

  • Soft grip: This primarily helps you avoid hand pain, which can occur when repeatedly pressing down on a hard handle.
  • Bypass: Bypass secateurs – unlike anvil secateurs, provide more force during pruning. They are the best for pruning green branches. However, if you only need to cut away dead branches, anvil secateurs are suitable.
  • Rotating handle: This means that the handle rotates and thus follows the hand when you open and close the secateurs. This can make a big difference when using frequently.

Pruning shears, like other cutting tools, are very dependent on the sharpness and quality of the blade. In addition to preferably being made of stainless steel, it's good if you can take your secateurs apart to sharpen the blade or replace other parts, and that these extra parts can easily be found in a shop. It's also important that the secateurs do well maintaining their sharpness over time.

A pruning shear of fine quality isn't always cheap so it's a good idea to take care of it to make it last longer. We've found this guide for you to help you keep your shears nice and sharp

The locking mechanism not only protects you from cutting yourself when not using the secateurs, but also from blade wear. However, there are different locking mechanisms. Therefore, check how the locking mechanism works to avoid it becoming a problem when you're actually using the secateurs.