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Nasal Aspirator


Classic nasal aspirator that requires disposable filters but provides really good suction



You use a nasal aspirator on a baby by first putting a disposable filter inside the aspirator itself. Make sure that the child sits as upright as possible. Carefully lead one part of the aspirator up into the baby's nose and put the other part into your own mouth.

Now simply start sucking gently through the mouthpiece. When you are done, discard the disposable filter.

You have to suck hard enough to get a suction and also hard enough for the mucus to be removed. That being said, it's far better to go very carefully in the beginning – as you don’t want to hurt the child. It also depends on what you are trying to suck out. If it's only mucus, it is obviously easier to suck out than dried snot.

When the child has a cold – to the extent that you would choose to blow your nose yourself – it may be a good time to use the nasal aspirator. It can also be used if your child cannot sleep at night due to a snotty or stuffy nose. A good rule of thumb to go by is that when you hear that your child has a very stuffy nose it should be a good time to use the aspirator.


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