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Baby Nests Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed

Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed

Baby Nest, White, Pink, Grey, Material: Polyester, Cotton

Baby Nests Najell Babynest Sleepcarrier
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Najell Babynest Sleepcarrier

Baby Nest, Black, Beige, Grey, Material: Cotton, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Machine Washable





A baby nest is a specially designed baby bed where the baby can feel tucked in while minimising the risk of the baby being able to roll around. There are many variants of baby nests, but most of them are quite small and have high, soft edges that reduce the risk of your child rolling over on their stomachs in their sleep.

Baby nests can be used in the crib and in the stroller, but also on the sofa or on the floor. Many people use the baby nest as a "bed in bed" where the child has its given place, separated from the parent's pillows and comforter.

A baby nest can be used from the time the baby is newborn and can, in many cases, be adjusted as the baby grows. Some maternity hospitals even have a baby nest in the room so that babies can start sleeping in them right away.

It is recommended to have children in a separate bed alongside the parent's at night for the first three months. If you really want to sleep near your baby, one option is to have a baby nest in the middle of the bed and at the height of your pillow. Thanks to the edges, it becomes more difficult for the baby to roll out of bed, but also for you to accidentally roll on the baby in your sleep.

The edges of a baby nest prevent your child from rolling around and protect it from being face down in the mattress. There are also baby nests equipped with a belly band that keep the baby on its back while it sleeps.

A few things to consider when using a baby nest:

  • The edges and bed mattress should not be too soft and fluffy – it can pose a choking hazard if the child ends up face down on the edge.
  • There should be no straps or strings that the baby may become entangled in.
  • Do not use blankets or pillows in the nest.

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