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Chicco Pocket Snack booster seat, Poppy Red

Chicco Pocket Snack booster seat, Poppy Red



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Baby Chairs Joie Mimzy 2in1

Joie Mimzy 2in1

Baby Chair, Blue, Grey, Adjustable backrest, Wheels, Foldable, 5-point harness, Material: Aluminum, Polyester, 0 - 15 kg



A newborn baby, or generally any baby under 6 months, can’t sit up in a high chair. The child needs to be able to keep their head stable and have enough torso strength not to slump sideways when sitting in a chair.

Many high chairs have an infant insert that can be purchased to help with this. Using the insert, you can place the baby in the chair level with the dining table so they can participate in meals.

The recommended age for a baby to start sitting in a high chair is about 6 months. With small children, it’s important to be aware of the risk of falls, as the child's large, heavy head makes it easier for them to tumble out of the chair.

Always use the high chair harness and make sure that the harness is firmly attached around the child's body. If the seat feels a bit big for your baby, you can often fill it up with a cushion or even just use a folded towel.

The child often starts to need a high chair when they start on more solid food, whether you feed them baby food or use the baby-led weaning (BLW) principle. If you want to start giving tastes of solid food to a smaller baby or a child who can’t sit still, it’s often sufficient to have the child on your lap or in a baby bouncer. But children who eat solid food regularly need their own high chair