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Black Diamond Trail Cork Trekking Poles

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Three tips when buying trekking poles

The length of the trekking poles should be about 70% of your own, so that the arm is bent at 90 degrees when you use them. With a pair of telescopic poles, you can adjust the length yourself so that they feel good to use. Sometimes you need a little adjustment when walking up hills. Another plus is that the family can share a pair of poles.

Choose poles with ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip, preferably with straps that help you to hold the walking poles correctly throughout the walk.

In addition to the length of the poles, it is also important to choose the right resistance. You choose resistance based on how strong you are – 4 kilos is usually suitable for most people, but if you are fit, you should choose 6 kilos or more. Suspension trekking poles are particularly gentle, but also make your exercise more effective.

Think about where you will be using your walking poles. Rubber-tipped poles are suitable for those of you who will be walking on a hard surface, while those of you who will be walking on a soft surface should choose poles with metal tips.

If you want to take the poles with you on your trip, we recommend that you buy foldable poles. The telescopic model takes up little space, but there are also variants that can be folded into a Z-shape. They take up a little more space, but you don't have to adjust the length when you unfold them again.

If you are new to walking with poles, watching a video explaining the basic techniques of walking with poles might be a good idea.

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