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Kids' Bikes Dino Bikes Unicorn 124RL-UN Kids Bike

Dino Bikes Unicorn 124RL-UN Kids Bike

Kids' Bike, 12 Speeds, 12"

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Three things to consider when buying a kids bike

Don’t buy a bike that’s too big for your child to “grow into”– your child is supposed to grow with the bike. A smaller child should be able to reach the ground with both feet when seated on the saddle, but if the child has some bike experience, one foot will be sufficient. If the bike is too big, it will be difficult for your child to keep their balance.

Suitable bicycle size according to your child’s height: 95–105 cm = 12 inches 100–120 cm = 16 inches 115–125 cm = 18 inches 120–135 cm = 20 inches 130–150 cm = 24 inches 140 cm = 24-26 inches

If your child is younger than three and a half, we recommend a balance bike or balanscykel. They don’t have any pedals, so your child can simply push along with their feet then glide on two wheels to practice balancing.

Their first “proper” bike should then be gearless and have coaster brakes. Once your child has learned to balance and cycle more independently, their next bike can have a handbrake. Only then do gears become a welcome addition rather than a distraction for the child.

Stabilisers make cycling easier for beginners. Stabilisers attach onto the hub of the rear wheel and support your child’s weight on each side, so they don’t need to balance.

  • A Bike basket or a cargo rack is a good place to put their school bag if your child will be cycling to and from school.

  • A Lock is a good investment – sadly bike theft is rife. A good lock increases the odds that the bike won’t get stolen.

And most importantly: don’t forget a bike helmet!

Unsure about some rules and regulations surrounding bikes? Read more here.

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