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Frog Bikes 69 2018 26 Inch Kids Hybrid Bike Red

Frog Bikes 69 2018 26 Inch Kids Hybrid Bike Red

Set them free to enjoy life with their mates. With Frog's 69, they can easily make their own way to their friends house, giving them the independence they yearn for and with its quality frame, components, and build quality you're sure they'll make it back home again after a hard day's play. Each Frog 69 is built with two uses in mind, with its slick tyres and mudguards equipped, the Frog 69 is a great way for them to get around the neighbourhood and enjoy the breeze of fast riding. Yet put on the included knobbly tyres, and the Frog 69 becomes an off road exploration machine, letting them explore all that the local woods have to offer. While you could put them on a 26 adult's bike at this age, the Frog 69 is completely focused on smaller bodies and includes all the features that really make a difference to younger riders, from the smaller frame to the easy to change gears, and a great range of adjustability to grow as their grow so you don't need to constantly be looking for a bike that fits. Frog offer the 69 in their full range of colours, so finding them the perfect bike is easier than before. The range also includes a great selection of colours that could be used for both boys and girls, and with the 5 year warranty, its easy to say that the Frog will survive multiple owners. Suitable for Riders Aged 10-12 Years Old With an Inside Leg of 69cm Lightweight Aluminium Frame Built to High Standards With a 5 Year Warranty Great Choice of Colours From Bright Pink to Team Sky Inspired Designs Two Pairs of Tyres Offer a Hybrid and Mountain Bike in One Includes a Bell, Reflectors, Mudguards, and 2 Year Component Warranty

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