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Rainwear Children's Clothing The North Face Kid's Resolve Reflective Jacket - TNF Black (NF0A55LQJK3)

The North Face Kid's Resolve Reflective Jacket - TNF Black (NF0A55LQJK3)

Colour Black, Features: Reflectors, Windproof, Taped Seams, Elastic Cuffs, Removable Hood, Hidden Zip, Waterproof, Pockets, Breathable Material, Rain Jacket, Material Nylon, Solid Colour

The Hut
Outdoor Action
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Rainwear Children's Clothing The North Face Boy's Antora Rain Jacket - TNF Black (NF0A5J49-JK3)

The North Face Boy's Antora Rain Jacket - TNF Black (NF0A5J49-JK3)

Colour Black, Features: Taped Seams, No Fluorocarbons, Waterproof, Reflectors, PFC-FREE impregnation, Pockets, Breathable Material, Elastic Cuffs, Rain Jacket, Material Polyester, Solid Colour



The North Face
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Three tips for buying rain gear

The most important function of PVC coated rain gear is that it does not allow water to pass through. The rain gear's water resistance is measured in water column (mm). A high water column means that the material can withstand a higher water pressure before moisture penetrates the fabric. The recommendation for children is to choose rain gear that can withstand at least 8,000 mm.

Both lined and unlined PVC coated rain gear are available. Unlined rain gear keeps the child dry but doesn't warm them up, and is best suited for spring and summer. Lined rain gear, often [lined with fleece]((/cl/359/Children-s-Clothing?attr_57895620=57895625&attr_60315883=60315888), has a heat-holding capacity and works well in slushy snow conditions.

If you live in a location with a mild climate, lined rain gear may be enough throughout the winter.

Consider whether your rain gear needs the following features:

  • How are your clothes washed? Rain gear doesn't need to be washed because it gets dirty on the outside, just brush or rinse it off. But if it gets dirty on the inside, it’s convenient if you can run it through the washing machine.
  • Can the PVC coated rain gear be hung in a drying cabinet? If your school uses a drying cabinet to dry wet outerwear during the day, it is important to choose a PVC coated rain set that can withstand heating cabinets without cracking or shrinking.
  • Can you customise the garments? Different children have different body shapes, and good rain gear's sizes can be adjusted. Choose a raincoat that can be tightened around the wrists, and ensure that the rain trousers have an adjustable waist and adjustable suspenders.
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