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Air Conditioners on sale Monzana Portable Air Conditioner MZKA780 White incl. Remote Control

Monzana Portable Air Conditioner MZKA780 White incl. Remote Control



The principle is the same as for a refrigerator; the physical rule that says that liquid that evaporates absorbs heat. There is a liquid refrigerant that’s led into an evaporation system. Low pressure makes the refrigerant liquid evaporate into a gas that cools air-conditioning flanges. The cold from the flanges is then blown out into the room by a fan. Heat is also generated from this process and has to be dissolved.

It depends on the size of the area being cooled and how cold you want it. For an area of 45 square metres, the cost is usually around 7 pence an hour, if you cool it down from approximately 27 degrees to around 21 degrees. For an area of 60 square metres, the cost is around one 8 pence an hour, and for 80 square metres, it is just under 17 pence an hour. However, this can vary as the price of electricity varies; this is just an indication of the cost. Cooling a bedroom on a hot summer night costs about 70 pence.

There are fixed and portable air conditioners. In both cases, the heat generated in the cooling process must be dissipated. A fixed installation requires a process where the heat is being led out through a pipe to a permanently-mounted outdoor unit. A portable air conditioner has a hose to dissipate the hot air, meaning that no outdoor unit is required. The hose can, for example, be led out through a window in your home.