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Air Purifier on sale Meaco Dry Arete One H13 12L HEPA Filter MEAHEPAH13-12L

Meaco Dry Arete One H13 12L HEPA Filter MEAHEPAH13-12L

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An air purifier cleans the air from airborne particles such as allergens, mould, pollen, and smoke.

There are three different kinds of air purifiers which clean the air in different ways:

  • Filtered: the air is sucked in through the fans in the machine and is cleaned with filters, for example, a carbon filter or a HEPA-filter.
  • Ionic: the particles in the air are bound with the help of negative ions that the air purifier produces.
  • UV: the air is cleaned of mould and pollutants because the air purifier creates a process of photocatalysis.

An air purifier can help soothe the issues of people who are allergic to pollen or animals, for example. It can be a good investment, regardless of whether you are allergic or not. Our homes are full of particles from exhaust fumes, pollen, dust from outside, and also from other people. Our body is affected when these particles are breathed in, and apart from making us allergic; they can also make us tired and ill.

An air purifier cleans the air in your home, and it can make you feel both more alert and healthier.

About one to four times a year. It all depends on how good the environment is, where you use it, and how often you use it. Some air purifiers are fitted with a removable and rinsable filter, but the ability to filter out particles becomes less with time, so you should check the filter regularly.