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Some air purifiers have a built-in timer so you can program what times it should be running. Is it an important feature for you?
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Air Purifier Shark NeverChange5 Air Purifier

Shark NeverChange5 Air Purifier

Air Purifier, Max. Operating area: 28m², Carbon Filter

Donaghy Bros
Freenet Electrical
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3 tips when shopping for air purifiers

Air purifiers come in various types, but it's important to know how they measure air purification. HEPA is a common label, but it's not always clear what level of HEPA filter a purifier has. Nowadays, many air purifiers can filter out organic particles such as TVOC and formaldehyde, as well as visible particles.

Particles are categorised based on their size:

  • PM10 refers to construction dust and other particles that are almost visible.
  • PM2.5 includes pollen and other similar particles.
  • PM1 includes viruses (Covid, for example) and other similar particles.

There are also air purifiers that can cool the room.

To purify the air in your entire home can be expensive and difficult, so why not start with a smaller space like your bedroom? This not only helps you sleep better but also makes it easier to manage allergies during the day with medication.

When shopping for an air purifier, don't just focus on the brand and model. While many units come with a new filter, it's important to consider how easy it will be to get replacement filters in the future. Look for an air purifier that you can easily find new filters for.

Air filters usually have multiple layers. Some layers can be washed by hand, while others need to be swapped out after several months. You can find information on how long a filter lasts in the manual that comes with the air purifier.

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