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Logic Square Ceiling Lamp White - LIGHT-POINT

Logic Square Ceiling Lamp White - LIGHT-POINT

Design Ronni Gol for Light-Point Concept Logic from LIGHT-POINT is a discreet built-in spotlight that can be mounted in your ceiling. The elegant design was developed by Ronni Gol. The 6W LED light source creates a powerful and comfortable light without compromising on energy-efficiency. It’s great for the environment and your energy bill. The spotlight can be tilted 28 degrees and rotated 355 degrees with an angle of light of 30 degrees, which makes the lamp a flexible light solution – and with an IP54 rating, the lamp is guaranteed to cope well with moisture. This makes it the ideal spotlight for use over your kitchen table or in your bathroom. Logic is available in round and square versions in white, both fabricated in aluminium.


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Hanna Vesterberg·Category manager Lighting
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