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Bedside Crib Kid's Room Snüz Pod4 Bundle Including Mattress Protector

Snüz Pod4 Bundle Including Mattress Protector

Bedside Crib, Brown, Grey, Blue, Pink, Black, White, Material: Cotton, Beech, Plywood


3 tips when shopping for a bedside crib

When shopping for a bedside crib, look for:

  • Anchoring: You should anchor a crib to your bed, position and secure them against each other. Look for a bedside crib with anchoring straps or hooks.

  • Height adjustment: The bed base of the crib should be height-adjustable to level with your bed. Not all bedside cribs may be high enough if you have a continental bed.

Bedside cribs come in various models with extra features. You can get the crib that doubles as a cradle, the portable one, or even the one that has castor wheels for easier movement. There are also bedside cribs with a removable long side, you can use them as freestanding cribs.

Bedside cribs are an excellent choice for having your baby close at night, plus they don't take up much space. The sizes can vary, so remember to check the crib measurements before purchasing.