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A baby monitor is ideal for parents with a young child. They’re particularly useful if you live in a large house with the child's room on a different floor, or if you intend for your baby to sleep outside in their pram during nice weather. Some parents buy a baby monitor once the child has grown a little, often before a holiday or trip.

Range varies between different baby monitors. It’s not uncommon for the better models to have a range of several hundred metres outdoors, and up to 50 metres indoors. But range is also affected by the environment you’re in; factors such as thick stone walls or signals from other homes around can have a negative effect on the range. However, virtually all baby monitors warn you if contact between the two units is broken.

Before buying a baby monitor, it’s important to understand your own needs. Is it enough to hear when your child wakes up, using an audio baby monitor, or do you want to be able to see how well they’re sleeping with the help of a video baby monitor? Range, operating time and how the batteries are charged are other factors that affect what a baby monitor is like to use. Or read our test on baby monitors where we compare several popular models.

3 tips for buying a baby monitor

For the best baby monitor, consider getting one with Wi-Fi. But there are other great options available that don't require internet connectivity.

When choosing a model, it's important to think about the layout of your home. Heavy stone walls block signals more than open plan areas with a lot of space.

If you want to keep a close eye on your baby, a baby monitor with a camera and a two-way audio system can be a great investment. Look for:

  • low-light performance. A monitor with advanced technology can provide a clear image even in a dark room.

  • moving camera. If your baby is an active sleeper, consider a monitor with a camera that moves to keep them in view.

  • dual camera. For parents with more than one child, a monitor with two cameras is the perfect solution.

Ensure your baby gets a good night's sleep by maintaining a comfortable temperature in their sleeping area. Overheating can be dangerous, and may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. To keep your baby at the right temperature, consider using a device with an integrated thermometer to monitor their sleeping environment.

The Lullaby Trust provides a helpful guide with tips on how to ensure babies sleep safely.

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