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Baby Monitor

20 products

Baby Monitors on sale Vtech VM5463

Vtech VM5463

Baby Monitor with camera, Temperature Sensor, Video Display, Two-way Communication, Night Vision, Range (outdoors): 984ft, White

365 Games
Baby Monitors Direct
in 11 stores
Baby Monitors on sale Motorola VM481 Video Baby Monitor

Motorola VM481 Video Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor with camera, Two-way Communication, Temperature Sensor, Video Display, Night Vision, White

Viking Direct
in 6 stores

3 tips for buying a baby monitor

For the best baby monitor, consider getting one with Wi-Fi. But there are other great options available that don't require internet connectivity.

When choosing a model, it's important to think about the layout of your home. Heavy stone walls block signals more than open plan areas with a lot of space.

If you want to keep a close eye on your baby, a baby monitor with a camera and a two-way audio system can be a great investment. Look for:

  • low-light performance. A monitor with advanced technology can provide a clear image even in a dark room.

  • moving camera. If your baby is an active sleeper, consider a monitor with a camera that moves to keep them in view.

  • dual camera. For parents with more than one child, a monitor with two cameras is the perfect solution.

Ensure your baby gets a good night's sleep by maintaining a comfortable temperature in their sleeping area. Overheating can be dangerous, and may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. To keep your baby at the right temperature, consider using a device with an integrated thermometer to monitor their sleeping environment.

The Lullaby Trust provides a helpful guide with tips on how to ensure babies sleep safely.

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