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Gate Lindam Easy Fit Plus

Lindam Easy Fit Plus

Gate, White, Stair Gate, One-Hand Opening

Olivers Baby Care
in 4 stores

Three tips for buying a baby gate

  • Classic safety gate. A lattice gate in metal or wood that has either a clamping function that eliminates the need for drilling, or brackets that are screwed to a wall or door frame.
  • Textile gate. A tensioning gate saves space as rolls to one side when opened. Nor is it a tripping hazard, as it has no bottom frame and therefore also works in homes with robot vacuum cleaners.
  • Folding gate. Saves space as it opens upwards and not to the side.

If you don't want to drill (and thus in the long run fill and repaint), there are many gates that are clamped to the sides instead. They fit well, but you are still advised not to have them at the top of a staircase in case they come loose.

If you have metal railings, uneven walls, or asymmetrical openings, they also work better.

In addition to not installing a clamp gate at the top of the stairs, it is also a good idea to consider the design of a fixed gate. Many baby gates have a frame on which you can easily bump your feet and lose your balance. A gate that is lifted or rolled to the side is therefore a safer choice.

For more useful tips about child proofing your home follow the link to NHS.uk.

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