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Sleeping Bags Rab Ascent 900 Sleeping Bag

Rab Ascent 900 Sleeping Bag

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There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a sleeping bag:

  1. What material do you prefer? The most common materials are down and synthetic. Down is better at generating heat, can be packed to a compact size and is more sustainable. Synthetic is cheaper and retains heat when the material is wet, in contrast to down.
  2. What size do you need? If you are going out for a hike, a sleeping bag that can easily be folded into a smaller format might be preferred, while the size may not matter if you are on a glam camping trip.
  3. Will you only be using the sleeping bag during summer time or all year round? Different models are made for different seasons, so make sure to choose the right model that suits your needs.

The price of a sleeping bag can vary from anything under £50 and up to a couple of hundred pounds. The price will increase if you have special requirements or want to use the sleeping bag when it’s colder outside. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a sleeping bag for summer nights in the car or a tent, you can find options for under £50. Your needs are what controls the price.

When you are out on a hike or the like, the sleeping bag is often stored in a compression bag. Compression bags compress the sleeping bag to minimise the space it would normally take up in the bag. This will make the sleeping bag take up less space in your backpack; space that you can use for other items. When you store your sleeping bag at home, you should store it in a cloth bag, as sleeping bags should not be stored in compression bags too long, because you risk that the filling in the sleeping bag separates over time. This can lead to air pockets that let in cold air when you use it.