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Big Agnes Rapide SL

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Three things to consider before buying a sleeping mat

When you’re sleeping in a tent it’s important to choose the right sleeping mat, as the season affects how much cold it lets through.

  • Autumn/winter: If you are camping in the autumn or winter, you should have a sleeping mat with an R-value higher than 4. Look for warm models and check for extra features that keep you warm better at night. You can also look at larger mats, as no insulation in the world will help if you roll off the pad or if your legs stick out.
  • Spring/summer: If you prefer to camp in warmer weather, the R-value of the sleeping mat shouldn’t exceed 3. Instead, prioritise properties other than insulation against the cold, such as comfort and portability.

Is a good night’s sleep worth carrying a cumbersome mat all day long for? Probably not. It’s better to make sure that the mat can be easily deflated and rolled up to fit in your camping bag.

You wouldn’t buy a bed without first trying it out. Similarly, it’s difficult to get a good indication of how good a sleeping mat will be for you if you haven’t actually tried it.

Looking for some other useful tips for your camping trip? The Guardian has a few pointers for you.

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