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Hair Dyer (lightener) DIRECTIONS - Bleach 40

Hair Dyer (lightener) DIRECTIONS - Bleach 40

"Directions Hair Lightening Kit has been specially formulated to condition and help protect your hair while you lighten.Directions powder bleach contains added conditioning ingredients to keep your hair moisturised during the lightening process.1 x bottle oF 40 volume cream peroxide (12%, 75ml)1 x sachet of powder bleach (25g)1 x sachet of moisturising shampoo (10ml) 1 x instruction leaflet 1 x pair of medium plastic gloves 1 x mixing tray 1 x applicator brush and 1 x development cap.All kits are supplied with brush and required accessories and instructions, Directions hair lightening kits are available in two strengths for different hair types.Preparation 1. ShampooShampoo the hair with a pH acid balanced shampoo, we recommend Directions Pre Colour Shampoo, this will give the hair the correct acid balance, allowing Directions hair colour to achieve the best results.Application2. Combing Comb the Directions colour into the hair until it emulsifies, i.e becomes frothy, the pigments will have penetrated in to the hair, lighter shades may require a little more combing. 3. ProcessingThe processing time is between 15 and 30 minutes long, a plastic cap will contain the heat on the hair helping it to achieve a better result. Finishing 1. Rinsing the hair thoroughly away from the face with warm water until all the residue dye has been removed. If more than one colour is applied the hair must be washed and dried separately, greater care must be taken when partially colouring lighter hair.2. After Care Colour Protecting Shampoo and Colour Protecting Conditioner have been specifically formulated for coloured hair, enabling you to get the most out of your colour. Leaving hair soft and manageable with a great shine.Essential TipsDO:Wear rubber or plastic gloves when applying the hair colourUse vaseline or petroleum jelly around the hairline to avoid staining of the foreheadAs with all hair colours, we advise a swatch test firstDON'T:Don't mix Directions with peroxideDon't use...
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