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Mousses Evo Whip it Good Moisture Mousse 250ml

Evo Whip it Good Moisture Mousse 250ml

Mousse, Heat Protection, Moisturizing, Volume, Softening, Smoothing, Calming, Anti-frizz, Shine, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free

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Three tips when buying hair mousse

Hair mousse is a foam styling product that can give volume to limp hair or control unruly curls. But choose the right formula for your hair – if you have straight hair, using a hair mousse meant for curly hair will simply be a waste of money.

The mousses sold in the 1980s made your hair sticky and stiff. That’s no longer the case with most modern mousses. Working the mousse into towel-dried hair and then blow-drying with a radial brush is a good way to get smooth, shiny hair.

Different types of hair mousse have different uses, but basically they all provide hold and volume to your hair. So read online reviews and shop around to see what appeals to you. Here are three examples:

  • Volume mousse. With a fibre mousse or any other volumising mousse, you can give your fine hair a boost and maximise volume. There are mousses that you can apply to your lengths and others that you only apply to your roots for some added lift.

  • Hair mousse with colour. If you use silver shampoo and conditioner, you can get even better results with a blonde-specific mousse. There are also mousses that add bolder colour if you’re feeling brave.

  • Hair mousse for curls. Avoid frizz and get beautifully defined curls with a good product designed specifically for curly hair.

Here are some tips for you how to use mousse in a proper way.

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