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Soil Westland Aftercut All In One Large Box Triple Action Lawn Fertiliser- 160m2

Westland Aftercut All In One Large Box Triple Action Lawn Fertiliser- 160m2


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Three tips for buying potting soil

Some plants prefer to grow in specially adapted soil:

Geraniums thrive in well-drained geranium potting mix. Cacti want a sand mixture that allows water to drain through. Orchids prefer to grow in special orchid soil that keeps their roots moist but not wet.

Plants also require different types of soil depending on whether they’re young seedlings or mature plants:

  • Seeds or seedlings benefit from growing in sowing compost. It contains the right balance of nutrients and air, so that tiny roots can easily grow larger.

  • Potted plants of virtually all types thrive in potting soil. It’s enriched with nutrients and slightly more compact than sowing compost. This makes it ideal for replanting seedlings.

  • Herbs, spices and vegetables should first be sown in sowing compost and then replanted in organic potting soil.

Some plants thrive in less compact soil, so you may need to mix other substances into the soil to make it less compact and improve drainage. Swiss Cheese Plants and Philodendrons are two examples of plants that prefer this type of soil. Mix the soil with one part Leca balls, one part perlite and one part orchid bark.

In addition to different types of plants thriving in different types of soil, it’s a good idea to choose a soil that’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use. In addition to fertiliser, top soil usually contains silicon and other minerals. It may have a rather strong smell that makes it unsuitable to use indoors. Top soil is suitable for almost all outdoor plants, but acidic soil plants, such as hydrangeas and rhododendrons, prefer low pH soil. Here you can read more about how to care for these plants.

U-soil is particularly good for plants that need a lot of nutrients, such as bedding plants and garden shrubs, as well as for plants grown in larger pots, e.g. tomatoes and cucumbers. It contains plenty of fertiliser and iron for good leaf development.

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