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Sunglasses Prada Symbole PR17WS 1AB5S0

Prada Symbole PR17WS 1AB5S0

Rectangular, Black Frames, Grey Lenses, Target Group: Adult, UV Protection



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Three tips before buying sunglasses

The most important thing is that the sunglasses protect your eyes. Look out for the CE mark – it means protection against both UVA and UVB rays. The EyeCare Trust informs that you can also look for UV 400 or British Standard Mark to actually be sure that your sunglasses will give you the protection you’re looking for.

The CE mark has a scale of 0–4: the higher the number, the less light is transmitted. On a normal summer’s day, 3 is usually just right – darker than that can make driving difficult.

Today, there are many different types of sunglasses, adapted for different styles and needs. Here are three great features:

  • Optically ground lenses allow you to see things clearly and with the right shape. Otherwise, both your head and eyes may hurt, as you have to strain them.

  • Polarised glasses are great for those who like to go boating, as they filter out water glare.

  • Photochromic glasses are a combination of regular glasses and sunglasses. They adapt to their surroundings: When you are indoors, the glass is clear and when you go out it darkens.

  • Sunglasses with strength are a good choice for those who also wear regular glasses, as you don't have to carrying both pairs with you.

You should be comfortable in your sunglasses, so choose a pair that you like. Here are some recommendations if you are looking for some inspiration:

  • A round face suits well in rectangular sunglasses, either with straight edges or rounded like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Go for thin frames with a slightly thicker top.

  • An oblong face? Congratulations! Most types of frames, both square and round, suit an oval face. However, long, narrow frames can be too small.

Oversized sunglasses, such as cat eye glasses or aviator frames, suit an oblong face.

Choose the widest frames you can find, preferably curved to prevent light from entering on the sides, so that you protect the skin around your eyes.

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