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Surveillance Cameras TP-Link Tapo C500
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TP-Link Tapo C500

1920x1080 (Full HD), Dome, Wi-Fi, Motion Sensor, Outdoor Usage



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You can find all the information you need, together with the opportunity to ask questions at The Information Commissioner Office's (ICO) website, which is the authority that deals with the legal aspects. We wholeheartedly recommend that potential buyers go read the ICO's guidelines on the requirements, responsibilities, and laws surrounding domestic CCTV.

Via the internet. There are wired cameras, and there are cameras that run on Wi-Fi. Sometimes, the cameras come with a backup solution, like a SIM-card that communicates through the mobile network, if the Wi-Fi connection should go down. Most modern surveillance cameras stream the images or videos from a recording area to a smartphone app. Some cameras can also stream sound, and others are equipped with a speaker and offer two-way communication.

This varies from model to model, but cameras that store the content on a memory card and cameras that rely on cloud services are the most common ones. One of the benefits of cloud storage is that the content is secure even if the camera gets damaged. One of the disadvantages is that cloud services are usually quite expensive. Another disadvantage is that interruptions in the internet connection can affect the camera's ability to upload material to the server. Some surveillance cameras can store the content on external harddrives or NAS.

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