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Razors Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze Razor + 3 Cartridges

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze Razor + 3 Cartridges

Cartridge Razor, Scented

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Three things to consider before buying a razor

  • System razor: This type of razor has a multi-blade system and has come to dominate the razor market. Multi-blade systems deliver an efficient, close, and safe shave.

  • Safety razor: A classic model that was actually the first mechanical razor on the market. The safety razor is used with twin blades to provide an extra close shaving experience. The weight of the razor reduces friction and minimises the risk of irritation. Never used a safety razor before? Here's a guide for you.

  • Disposable razor: Disposable razors can be a good choice for those who travel often, or who don't shave as often. Different models are constructed in different ways – you can find everything from disposable razors with single blades to more advanced models with multiple blades.

  • Lubricating strips: With lubrication strips around the blades, the razor glides more easily on your body, reducing friction and providing a more gentle shave.

  • Shaving gel bars: Built-in shaving gel bars in the razor give you the perfect all-in-one solution – whether you’re at home or away.

  • Caring ingredients: Razors with caring ingredients such as aloe vera or oils provide a gentle shave. There are also many perfume-free razors for those with sensitive skin.

Different razors are designed to suit different types of hair growth. Women often have less coarse hair than men, so there are razors that are adapted for men and women. That said, it’s important to choose a razor that suits your hair growth, regardless of the razor’s target group.

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