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An ionised hair dryer helps prevent static hair. Is this an important function to you?
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Hairdryers Dyson Supersonic

Dyson Supersonic

1600W, Hanging Loop, Ionic, Diffuser, Cool Shot, Concentrator Nozzle, 4 Heat Settings, 3 Speed Settings, Cord Length: 2.9m



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Three tips when buying a hair dryer

Being able to vary the heat is both kind to your hair and helps you to create different styles. In addition to the heat provided by the dryer, there are also other features that may tip the balance in its favour.

  • Ceramic technology. A more consistent heat in the airflow is kinder to your hair.
  • Ionisation technology. Avoid frizz and flyaways with an ionic hair dryer.
  • Powerful air flow. If you want to save time.

This wikiHow post shows you how to blow-dry your hair.

Drying your hair will take some time if you have long or thick hair – this will be tiring for your hands and arms if your hair dryer is heavy or unbalanced, or the handle is too thick to hold comfortably.

Some of us are lucky enough to have bathrooms where we simply plug the hair dryer into a convenient outlet next to the mirror – but others are less fortunate. If you find a hairdryer with a three-metre cord, it will be much easier for you to find a good place to dry your hair than if you have one with a cord half that length.



Ceramic hair dryers create both positive and negative ions and the heat they produce is more even and controlled. The ceramic regulates the heat better because its coils hold their heat, even when they’re not actively being warmed. Ionic hair dryers neutralise positive ions which break down water molecules in your hair. It also works to keep your hair shiny and smooth. An ionic hair dryer can dry your hair just as well as a standard one, but using less heat.

There are loads of great hair dryers out there, the best one for you depends on your hair type. Do you have thick, brittle, curly, frizzy or uncontrollable hair? Do you want an eco-friendly one, a super lightweight travel model? We reviewed and ranked our favourite hair dryers to help you figure out which one’s perfect for you.

This of course varies from model to model and what hairstyle you’re after, but we’ll take you through the basics:

Make sure your hair is wet, but not dripping. Apply heat protection to help prevent damage to your hair. If you’re using other products, check the instructions before you start drying your hair as many of them need to be applied to the roots of your hair while it’s still wet.

Brush out any tangles and knots and get drying.

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