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  1. DeLonghi Coffee Grinders

DeLonghi Coffee Grinders

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De'Longhi Combi Espresso & Filter Coffee Machine, BC0431.S

De'Longhi Combi Espresso & Filter Coffee Machine, BC0431.S

Whether you're in need of a speedy caffeine fix in the morning or you're entertaining guests at a more leisurely pace, this diverse coffee machine will cater for your needs with both its espresso and drip filter coffee functions. Complete frontal loading When it's time to fill up the water tank, there's no need to turn your coffee machine around or become a contortionist to reach to the back of the device; the super-convenient, pivoting front-loading system allows you to fill up the water reservoir and coffee filter with minimum effort. Cappuccino system An integrated cappuccino system allows you to prepare the ultimate creamy cappuccino, and the steam nozzle can also be used to create a multitude of your favourite beverages. 24-hour programmable timer Have your perfect brew ready as soon as you wake up by setting the timer to automatically make your coffee at a time of your choosing. 2-in-1 crema filter holder Coffee pods are an increasingly popular way to produce a range of coffee types, while some of us prefer to use traditional ground coffee beans. Whatever your preference, the clever 2-in 1-filter holder allows you to use either a pod or freshly-ground coffee. Filter drip-stop device If you're feeling a little impatient whilst waiting for your coffee to brew, the drip-stop device allows you to remove the jug and pour yourself a reviving cuppa before returning the pot to complete brewing. Versatile brewing capabilities The generous 1.4 litre reservoir allows you to make up to 10 cups of filter coffee at a time, while the coffee pot has handy markings showing the correct amount of water for how many cups you are making. Features Combi coffee machine: filter coffee or ESE espresso capsules Digital interface to easily control all functions Choose your favourite blend or pod and simply make your rich, smooth espresso with a perfect crema Brew a wide range of milk based beverages with the manual Cappuccino System Brew up to 10 cups with the high capacity carafe Ke...


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DeLonghi KG89 Professionelle Kaffeemühle silber, 0177111026

DeLonghi KG89 Professionelle Kaffeemühle silber, 0177111026

DeLonghi KG89 Professionelle Kaffeemühle silberDie Zubereitung von aromatischem Kaffee ist stark vom richtigen Mahlgrad der Bohnen abhängig, der weder zu fein noch zu grob sein sollte. Aus diesem Grund sind die professionellen Kaffeemühlen bzw. Mahlwerke von De’Longhi die perfekte Wahl – für frisch gemahlenen Kaffee, mit intensivem Kaffeearoma. Die meisten Modelle erlauben sowohl die Einstellung der Tassenmenge als auch des Mahlgrades. Espresso erhält sein bestes Aroma bei den niedrigsten Mahlgrad-Einstellungen, denn je feiner das Pulver gemahlen ist, desto ergiebiger entfaltet sich die Crema.HIGHLIGHTS:Fassungsvermögen Bohnenbehälter: 120 gFür Kaffeemenge bis zu 12 TassenEin/Aus-DrucktastenregelungScheibenmahlwerkEinstellbarer Mahlgrad für Pulver für 2-12 Tassendurchsichtiger und abnehmbarer BohnenbehälterIntergrierte ReinigungsbürsteKabelstaufachRutschfeste GummifüßeEdelstahl- und KuststoffgehäuseTechnische Daten:Maße: 130 x 160 x 260mmGewicht: 1.5 KgEingangsleistung: 110 W

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Hanna Vesterberg·Category manager Coffee Grinders