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Car Jacks Sealey 2500LE Low Profile Trolley Jack with Rocket Lift

Sealey 2500LE Low Profile Trolley Jack with Rocket Lift

Car Jack

Alan Wadkins
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Three tips for buying a car jack

Very strong jack: If you often hoist up your car, or have several cars you work on regularly, you’ll need a more powerful jack. If you have a heavier car, such as a people carrier or SUV, a slightly more powerful jack with a lifting capacity of over 2.5 tonnes will come in handy. These jacks also tend to have double pistons and a slightly longer lever that makes the job easier.

Normal jack: The most common type of jack has a good lifting capacity (between 1.5 and 2.5 tonnes) and is suitable if you usually just use the jack for tyre changes and simpler repairs. If you have a normal-sized car, there’s no reason to buy a more expensive or powerful jack than that.

Compact jack: If you just want a jack that’s simple and easy to handle, a compact jack is your best option. These jacks are also eminently suitable to keep in your car for roadside tyre changes. Just double-check that it has enough lifting capacity for your vehicle.

  • Low profile: There are jacks designed specifically for sports cars and lowered vehicles. These vehicles generally have a lower ground clearance, which is why you need a low-profile jack to fit under the car.

  • High lift: There are also jacks specially designed for vehicles that need to be raised a little higher and which, for example, have very high ground clearance. They are suitable if you have a vehicle that’s built for use in tough terrain.

  • The main difference between jacks is how easy they are for you to handle. Some jacks have an aluminium chassis that makes them a little lighter than others.

  • Double-piston jacks make lifting the vehicle faster.

  • Also look at the wheels. If you’ll be using the jack on gravel or other types of soft or uneven surfaces, it may be a good idea to choose a jack with slightly larger wheels that make it easier to move around. Some jacks have wheels that can rotate 360 degrees.

  • Another good detail is a rubber plate on the jack’s lift arm, so you don’t risk damaging your vehicle when you lift it.

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