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AVA Pressure Washers & Power Washers AVA Smart P50

AVA Smart P50

Pressure Washer, 130 bar, 10.3 kg

AVA of Norway
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The basic function of a pressure washer is an engine that drives a pump inside the pressure washer. The pump pushes out water mixed with air (and detergents if desired), which means that the pressure is significantly higher than with a regular water hose. Besides, you don't need as much water as with a water hose. Many pressure washers are used with cold water, but there are also more powerful and also slightly more expensive models that can heat the water. These are usually more effective against tougher dirt and grease.

A pressure washer is a useful gardening machine that you can use, among other things, to clean:

  1. The car, bike and motorcycle
  2. The facade of the house and the roof of the house
  3. The decking and outdoor furniture

Are you looking for a powerful pressure washer to remove tougher dirt and grease, or should it mainly be used to wash the decking and outdoor furniture? Depending on what you will use the pressure washer for, there are some models that are better suited than others. In addition to that, there are also pressure wahers in different price ranges, so your budget will influence which washer is best suited for you. Please read our large test of pressure washers to find a model that suits you best.

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