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Bath Towels Christy Supreme Hygro Towel Range Bath Towel

Christy Supreme Hygro Towel Range Bath Towel


John Lewis & Partners
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3 tips when shopping for bath towels

Swimming towels and shower towels come in a variety of sizes. You can find towels ranging from 70 x 140 cm to large bath towels measuring 100 x 150 cm. If you're taking a swimming towel to the beach, a larger towel might be more comfortable, but maybe you don't need a big towel in the bathroom.

When choosing a towel, think about storage space. You should have enough room in your linen cabinet and bathroom to store your towels, and a few bathroom hooks to dry them properly.

Choose a towel that not only feels comfortable but also complements your bathroom's style. With a wide variety of colours and patterns available, you can easily find a towel that suits your personal taste.

Consider the colours and patterns in your bathroom and choose a towel that harmonizes with them. Plain, light towels can give your bathroom a luxurious feel while patterned towels add a playful touch and can transform the look of your bathroom.

The density of towels is measured in grammes per square metre (g/m² or gsm), with a higher value indicating a denser weave. A denser towel is softer, fuller, and more absorbent, making it a luxurious and high-quality option.

Towel density ranges are:

  • thin: 200-350 g/m²
  • medium: 350-450 g/m²
  • dense: 450-600 g/m²
  • extra dense: 600+ g/m²

To keep your towels in good condition for longer, care for them properly by washing them in the correct way. Find more smart tips for maintaining your towels' color, softness, and fluffiness.

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