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Bed Sheets

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Bed Sheets True Face Super King Size Bed Sheet Grey

True Face Super King Size Bed Sheet Grey

Polyester, Cotton, Solid Colour

5 Pound Stuff
in 2 stores
Bed Sheets Belledorm Egyptian Cotton 400 Thread Count 30cm Fitted Bed Sheet White

Belledorm Egyptian Cotton 400 Thread Count 30cm Fitted Bed Sheet White


in 8 stores

3 tips when shopping for a sheet

Choose a comfortable material for your bedding:

  • Cotton is comfortable and long lasting. For a luxurious feel, try Egyptian cotton.

  • Linen is a good all-year-round choice that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, and becomes softer with use.

  • Bamboo also regulates temperature and is soft from the start, making it a comfortable option for both hot and cold nights.

  • Polyester remains smooth and doesn't absorb moisture, making it ideal for those who sweat heavily while sleeping.

Choose fitted sheets if you toss and turn in your sleep.These sheets have stitched-together corners and/or an elasticated hem, which fit snugly around your mattress and stay in place all night long.

If you prefer flat sheets, they are easy to make your bed with and can be tucked under the mattress. If you have large flat sheets, you can use them for beds of different sizes.

Cotton can be woven in different ways and thus have different properties. The two main weaving techniques are percale and satin.

Percale is woven so that it becomes dense and crisp – think hotel sheets. They’re durable and have a cool feel, so if you easily get warm while sleeping, percale is a good choice.

Satin is slightly softer and feels smooth and silky against your skin.

Want to know how best to wash your sheets? Good Housekeeping tells you how!

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