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Bed Pillows Silentnight Airmax Fiber Pillow (48x74cm)

Silentnight Airmax Fiber Pillow (48x74cm)

Microfiber, Filling: Hollow fiber, Hight of pillow: Medium

in 7 stores

Three tips for buying a pillow

In order to avoid neck and back pain, it’s important that the height of your pillow is adapted to the position in which you sleep at night.

  • Do you sleep on your stomach? A low pillow is suitable for stomach sleepers as it relieves pressure on your neck and ensures that your spine is in a comfortable position.

  • Do you sleep on your back? We recommend that you choose a medium pillow. This gives good support to your head and neck.

  • Do you sleep on your side? You need a high pillow that’s firm enough to give your neck good support, but also allows your shoulder to sink down.

Read more about how to choose a good pillow in the guide from IKEA.

Synthetic filling or down – which is really best? It depends.

If you have allergies, you should choose a pillow with synthetic fibres or silk fibres.

A synthetic pillow can be washed frequently. It doesn’t shed dust and has a long lifespan if you look after it properly. Memory foam and silk fibres have the advantage of not attracting dust mites.

Memory foam or latex will be suitable if you have neck problems and struggle to find a pillow that provides the right support. It moulds to your head and allows your body to rest in a relaxed position.

If you like a cool pillow, down is a good choice, as it breathes and wicks away excess heat.

It’s nice to choose products that have been manufactured responsibly. Here are some certifications to look out for:

  • IDFL is a guarantee that the down for your pillow has not been plucked from live birds.
  • ÖKO-TEX shows that the pillow doesn’t contain substances that are harmful to health or the environment.
  • GOTS certification is obtained when manufacturing meets strict social and environmental requirements.
  • Nomiteguarantees that the down is free from dust mites.
  • Downafresh labels products with down that has been managed according to international regulations.
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