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Duvets Silentnight 10.5Tog Coverless Duvet (200x135cm)

Silentnight 10.5Tog Coverless Duvet (200x135cm)

Polyester, Filling: Hollow fiber, Microfiber, 2 pcs

JD Williams
in 4 stores

3 tips for buying down duvets

Looking for a super fluffy duvet? Then check out the tog rating! The tog rating measures how well the duvet traps warm air around you, keeping you snug and cozy all night long. If you want a fluffy duvet, aim for at least 10 tog. The tog rating scale ranges from 1 (coolest) to 15 (warmest).

The amount of stuffing in a duvet determines its warmth. If you find yourself overheating at night, your duvet might be too heavy or have too much stuffing. On the other hand, if you're feeling chilly, you may need a heavier duvet with a higher ratio of stuffing. If you share your duvet with someone else, choose a duvet with a lower tog rating, as your body heat will keep each other warm.

When it comes to choosing the perfect duvet, the labels matter.

Here's what to look for:

  • NoMite label guarantees that the duvet is suitable for those with mite allergies.
  • Oeko-Tex label guarantees that your duvet is free from harmful chemicals.
  • GOTS label guarantees that the production process meets social and environmental criteria.
  • IDFL label assures that the down used in the duvet is ethically sourced from non-live plucked or force-fed birds.
  • Downafresh label indicates that the feathers in your duvet have been thoroughly washed and dried at a temperature of at least 100 degrees.

The duvet should be at least 12in/30cm longer than you are, so you can snuggle up and tuck your feet in without feeling cramped. Plus, duvets sewn in squares distribute the down evenly, avoiding any uncomfortable clumping.

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