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If you have an older car that doesn't support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you'll have to rely on a cord and a possible AUX or USB input to get the audio from your phone into your car's stereo system. However, it is relatively common for this type of input to be missing in older cars, and then an FM transmitter is the only solution available. You can easily connect with USB or Bluetooth from your mobile to the FM transmitter, which then transmits the sound of a radio frequency that you can dial in on your car radio.

It depends a little on your needs. Both Bluetooth and radio signals are, of course, more whimsical factors than a corded connection. If you move among many vehicles, your FM transmitter may be disturbed, not the least by other people's FM transmitters. Sometimes adjusting the frequency is enough to get better sound and avoid interference, while other times, it can be frustrating to get a good connection.

FM transmitters are available in several different designs and models. A common option is a fairly small device that connects directly to the 12-volt socket in the car. Slightly more advanced models are mounted separately, for example, mounted on the sun visor and connected with a slightly longer cord to the 12-volt socket. Connecting your phone to the FM transmitter is easy. You find it as a Bluetooth device in the settings on your phone and connect to it. Then select a frequency for the FM transmitter to transmit on and tune it to your car stereo.

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