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Changing Bags Doona Essentials Bag

Doona Essentials Bag

Changing Bag, Red, Pink, Turquoise, Grey, Black, Bottle Pocket, Phone Pocket, Material: Polyester, Polypropylene

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Kiddies Kingdom
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3 tips when shopping for a changing bag

Hanging a changing bag on the handle is not recommended. Most prams aren't designed to support the extra weight and may tip backwards, putting your little one in danger. To keep your little one safe, it's best to store your changing bag in the basket provided.

Some prams come with integral brackets for a changing bag, but if you still want to hang your bag on the handle, there are different ways to do so.

One popular solution is to use separate pram hooks or choose a changing bag that includes them. These hooks attach to the handle with Velcro, making it quick and easy to attach and detach your bag.

Another option is to choose a changing bag with fixed attachments, such as a strap or hook on the bag itself. You simply pull the attachment around the handle and attach it to the bag, ensuring that it sits securely without sliding down while you're walking.

And if your bag doesn't have any special attachments for hanging it on a pram, don't worry. You can still hang it on the handle using the standard carrying strap - this works just as well with changing bags or ordinary handbags.

There are special changing bags for parents with two children. These bags are typically larger with more compartments to fit all the extra clothes and nappies you'll need for two little ones.

Attaching a changing bag to a double pram is just as easy as with a single pram, especially when using pram hooks. Simply attach the hooks to the handle of your pram and then hang your bag from them.

Now that you have your new changing bag, it's time to fill it up with all the essentials you'll need for life on the go with your kids. Read more useful tips on what to pack to make sure you're prepared for anything.



A changing bag is a great, practical way to take everything you need with you when you leave home with your child. In fact, any type of storage could serve as a baby changing bag – a regular backpack, a plastic bag or just a cloth bag. The name changing bag comes from the fact that the bag contains everything required to be able to take care of your baby.

A baby changing bag is a special bag intended to contain everything you need when you leave home with your child. The bag must be durable and easy to clean. A good changing bag contains several different types of pockets and storage compartments and usually also has a good solution for attaching the bag to a pushchair handle.

Exactly what to pack depends, of course, on what your own child needs. So if you bottle feed, you’ll need baby bottles, while older children may need a bib and a drinking cup and small babies with reflux need many changes of clothes. A good set of basic contents in a changing bag for a newborn baby includes two changes of clothes, 5-6 nappies, a few small towels, bags for dirty nappies or garments, a pack of wet wipes and an extra dummy or favourite blanket.