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Billing Boats 1:50 Scale Mini Oseberg Model Construction Kit

Billing Boats 1:50 Scale Mini Oseberg Model Construction Kit

The Oseberg was found in Norway at Oseberg in Vestfold in 1903, resting on a bed of blue clay and covered with turf and stones. The Oseberg was built in the last half of the 800's and was buried roughly 50 years later. The ship is some 50 to 100 years older than similar vessels which have been found. It lay deep in the water and must have been relatively dangerous under sail. This is a mini, 1:50-scale model of the Oseberg viking ship. This is a very simple, entry level kit. Designed for advanced kids as well as adults who just want something fun and easy to construct. This wooden ship model kit features laser cut parts, wooden strips, fittings set, sail material and rigging thread. Paints and glue not included. Note that this is a very simple kit and the instructions are written on the bottom of the box. It is designed with a flat bottom so that it will sit easily on a shelf without a stand. And, if properly sealed, will float nicely on the water.


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