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Silverline Special

Silverline Special

Blackstar Silverline Special Modelling Combo AmplifierTheBlackstar Silverline Specialis a Guitar Amplifier which incorporates a powerful SHARC Processor and innovative Blackstar TVP Technology, to deliver authentic boutique amp sounds without tearing a massive hole in your wallet. 6x tube responses of the most popular power amp tubes convey the authentic feel and dynamic behaviour of a full-grown tube amp, while 6x voicings cover the entire gain spectrum from crystal-clear Clean to juicy Crunch, Overdrive and hot Distortion. In addition to the 2-band equalizer, the typical ISF pot helps to find the optimal sound. In addition, the Blackstar Silverline Standard Combo provides integrated Effects from the areas of Modulation, Delay and Reverb, which, if desired, give the sound the finishing touch. While 50W of power and a 12" Celestion V-Type Speaker promise sufficient volume reserves for band rehearsals and gigs, the Combo Amp also proves to be the ideal amp for the recording studio thanks to the integrated USB Audio Interface and the Line/Headphone Output with Speaker Simulation.The main features of the Blackstar Silverline Special include:50W Single-Channel Guitar AmplifierSpeakers: 12" Celestion V-Type6x Pre-Amp Voices (Clean Warm/Clean Bright/Crunch/Super Crunch/OD 1/OD 2)6x Tube Responses (EL84, 6V6, EL34, KT66, 6L6, KT88)2-Band EQ & ISF ControllerSHARC ProcessorIntegrated Tuner12x Sound Pre-Sets (128x with Optional Foot Switch)Boutique StylingManual & Pre-Set OperationUSB PortDimensions (WxHxD): 505 x 418 x 248mmWeight: 13.9kg

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