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Theragun Prime

Massage Gun, Cordless





It is an electronic aid that helps massage your body. Different models work in different ways, but in general, it is a moving arm that rotates back and forth. At the front of the "gun" is a nozzle, and depending on the model you choose, you can replace the nozzle to adapt the massage to your specific needs.

Most massage guns have almost the same effect on your body, but there are certain things that set them apart. When buying a massage gun, consider your needs:

• How much intensity do you want? • Is the sound level or battery life important? • How much should it cost? • Do you want to be able to switch between different massage heads?

Massage guns have become increasingly common in recent years, and today there are some options to choose from.

A massage gun helps your muscles relax through vibrations and small shocks. It is also a great tool to keep your muscles limber and give you better mobility.


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