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Irons & Steamers Philips Azur GC4537

Philips Azur GC4537

Steam Irons, Spray, Steam, Vertical, 2400 W, Steam Capacity: 45 g,300 ml 13 cm 15 cm





An iron is one of the most common household products in the home. It is used on wrinkled garments to make them smooth. The iron has a metal plate consisting of iron, and this is heated when you insert the plug. The plate then connects to the iron house, where there are handles, water containers and heat controls. When you have connected the iron, it starts to warm up to the temperature you have chosen, and when the lamp goes out, this indicates that the plate has reached the correct heat level. Then you can start ironing, and that will smooth out the fabric.

It depends on which brand and model you have because different models have different temperature ranges. In many cases, the temperature can be anywhere from 120 degrees Celsius as far as 240 degrees Celsius - but also higher. It is important to regulate the heat according to the material. For example, if it is cotton you iron, the recommendation is 204 degrees. If you are going to iron nylon instead, you should lower it to 135 degrees.

There are many house remedies that work to clean an iron, but one of the most common is to take a tablespoon of vinegar spirit and mix it with water. Put the mixture in the iron's water tank. Finally, activate the steam function of the iron to start cleaning. If plastic or something similar is stuck to the iron, you can take a sharp knife and carefully remove the unwanted material.


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