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Ninja Fryers Ninja Foodi Max AF400
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Ninja Foodi Max AF400

Timer, Dishwasher-safe, Non-Slip Feet, Removable Bowl, 2470 W



Donaghy Bros
Robert Dyas
in 41 stores

3 things to consider when buying a deep-fat fryer

An air fryer will be a good option if you want to use less oil. It's also easier to clean. A standard deep-fat fryer can make food greasier, but it also makes it crispier and, many would say, tastier.

Prioritise safety when deep-frying your treats, as getting burnt by hot oil can be very painful. Many deep-fat fryers have clever features that minimise the risk of accidents in the kitchen:

Additionally, it's a bonus if the fryer is easy to clean. A dishwasher-safe deep-fat fryer makes the task much simpler.

If you live alone or cook for 2, a smaller fryer will be enough. As a rough guide, 0.5 to 0.7 litres typically provide 1-2 servings.

For larger households, you'll need a mid-size model suitable for a more sizeable family. If you frequently entertain guests, consider the largest options.

Consumer advice service Which? offers guidance on how to make the most of your deep-fat fryer.

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