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Hand Blenders Ninja Foodi 3-in-1 CI100UK

Ninja Foodi 3-in-1 CI100UK

Hand Blender, 0.7 L, 850W, Black, 7 No. of Speeds, Ice Crusher, Pulse Function, Variable, Dishwasher Safe Accessories, Stainless Steel Foot, Detachable Foot, Whisk, Chopper kg, inkl. Whisk, Chopper



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Three things to consider before buying a hand blender

You don’t have to use a hand blender exclusively for wet ingredients. There are accessories that make it possible to use your hand blender for other purposes as well.

  • Crushing ice: Some hand blenders can crush ice. This is useful if you want to make iced coffee or smoothies. Here are some smoothie recipes to inspire you.
  • Mini chopper: Would you like to be able to chop nuts? Then you need a mini chopper. It does the job in no time.
  • Whisk: Want to optimise space in your kitchen? Then a whisk attachment is the perfect choice for a two-in-one gadget.

There are hand blenders in many different price ranges, which is frequently reflected in the features they offer. To ensure that you get the right hand blender for your needs, there are a number of parameters you can compare. Some of the differences include how many speed settings the hand blender offers and whether it has a turbo feature. There are also differences in how long you can continuously use your hand blender. This is very important if you want to blend for long periods. Many people also compare the power of each machine. But remember that high wattage may not always equal high performance.

User-friendliness can mean many different things. It’s useful, for example, if the blender parts can be separated from the motor to make them easier to clean – and it’s even better if you can pop them in the dishwasher.

Do you have kids? Then we highly recommend a hand blender with a child lock and a protective cover for the blender base.

There are also cordless hand blenders, so you don't need to worry about cords, and some hand blenders are designed with a button system that makes it easier to operate the machine with one hand.

These are all small features that can be important in everyday life and ensure a high degree of user-friendliness.

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