Nice key cabinets for your entrance hall

With a key cabinet, you don’t have to run around looking for your keys every time you go out and you keep full control over everything that needs a lock.

Nice key cabinets for your entrance hall

Everything in its place is a rather tired expression, but it’s still a good one. With specific places for things like keys it becomes much easier to keep track of them all rather than lose them in a box or on a shelf somewhere.

With a key cabinet in the hall, you can keep track of the whole family's keys, and also store those other keys that aren’t used so often. With some models you also get a noticeboard.

Blomus Tewo Key Safe

1. Blomus Tewo 32 cm key cabinet

Keys can hardly be stored more stylishly than this. The metal rail of matt brushed steel from Blomus is both simple and stylish in design, and yet has room for a large number of keys, which means that it’s ideal for most families or office environments.

The rail is hung in place with the included mountings and is available in two different lengths, 21 and 32 cm.

Price from: £31.50
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3. Burg Wächter 6220/10 Ni

This discreet cabinet from Burg Wächter is easy to place. The door, which is held closed with a magnet, has twenty small punched keyholes and on the inside are hooks with space for ten sets of keys.

The cabinet is small and flexible, 21x27 cm and only 7 cm deep, which makes it easy to site even in a small hall. The door is made of stainless steel and the back is black.

Yale Y-SKB000NFP

6. Yale YKB/540/CB2

Sometimes you need a little extra control over your keys, and at those times it makes sense to have an extra key to the key cabinet, so to speak. With a code lock on this cabinet, you prevent unauthorised access to your keys, and it is easy to decide who has access to the code.

The cabinet has a stylish design which makes it easy to site in any environment. Inside there are 46 key hooks.

BURG WÄCHTER 6204/10 Ni Skyline NY

7. Burg Wächter key cabinet

Room for ten keys and a New York themed design are found in this key cabinet from Burg Wächter, who offer several different designs with city themes on their cabinets. The cabinet is small and convenient, which makes it easy to place even in a narrow hall. The door is closed with a magnetic lock.

3 tips for buying key cabinets

  1. Choose the right number of hooks. One key per hook is a good rule of thumb and it also means you spend less time searching for the right key.

  2. Think bigger. Do you need a bulletin board or a mirror as well? Then a combination model is perfect for saving wall space.

  3. Review your security. Maybe you need a key cabinet with a code, at least for those keys whose locks protect your most valuable things.

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