Chic shower curtains for any bathroom

A shower curtain is a fairly important part of the bathroom decor. Choose an attractive one that matches the atmosphere in your home and hangs beautifully from your shower curtain rail.

Chic shower curtains for any bathroom

When it comes to making a bathroom feel great, it’s often a feeling of peace and quiet that really works. Getting a moment of calmness behind a locked door is always welcome, and with the right atmosphere, it should be enjoyable to take a long shower or a hot bath.

However, to prevent water from soaking the entire bathroom, a shower curtain is often required, and there are lots to choose from. Here we take a look at just a few, so you don’t have to spend too much time away from your bubble bath!

Spirella Transparent

4. Spirella Matto

A transparent shower curtain that fits in with most modern bathrooms. Spirella is a Swiss company that claims to have introduced the shower curtain to the European market. This was after the founder, Anton A Heuberger, took a shower in an American hotel room and was inspired by the interior. This shower curtain is made of 100% vinyl and can only be washed by hand.

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Out of the blue Periodic Table (31/4050)

5. Out of the blue Periodic Table

Kill two birds with one stone and increase your knowledge of the chemical elements while you take a shower (or even sit on the toilet). This curtain is 180 x 180 cm and is adorned with the periodic table. Suspension rings included.

Ferm Living Chambray (FL-9297)

7. Ferm Living Chambray (FL-9297)

The Chambray curtain from trendy Ferm Living is made of a soft cotton material, which gives a nice cosy feeling to your bathroom. It is available in two different muted tones to suit most modern bathrooms. The shower curtain measures 205x160 cm and can be washed at 30 degrees.

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3 tips for buying shower curtains

  1. Check the washing instructions. It’s nice to be able to quickly freshen up a curtain by throwing it in the washing machine – rather than having to hand wash it.

  2. Feel the weight. Who likes it when a shower curtain sticks to their body? Buy a curtain with weights at the bottom to help keep it straight.

  3. Check the material label. There are shower curtains that feel almost like ordinary fabric, which is much nicer than the more plasticky variants.

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