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Top 6 best baby bouncers of 2019

By PriceRunner Updated 02/14/2019

We have tested baby bouncers and name BabyBjörn Balance Soft as best in test. It is a very mobile baby bouncer which feels limber and has a great bounce, all while offering good comfort for the chilld. All our testers agree that BabyBjörn Balance Soft is so good that they can't think of anything that could be improved. Stokke Steps babysiter also performs well in the test, with a removable insert for newborns and the ability to be used together with the Stokke Steps chair.

How the test was made

We carry out all of our tests ourselves and test all products in real conditions. For our best-in-test reviews of baby bouncers, we have used a number of parameters to arrive at a score. At the end of each review, we have also taken into account the price level, as a baby bouncer can cost anything between £20 and £200, and we think the functions should reflect the cost.

  • Functions
    Can the baby bouncer be folded up, can the backrest be angled and can it be changed between swinging and locked in a fixed position?

  • Fabric
    Is the material friendly to the child's skin, is the fabric organic and can it be washed or otherwise cleaned?

  • The bounce
    If the bouncing action is soft or jerky, can the child get the baby bouncer to move and keep the bounce going, or do you constantly have to help?

We primarily had families with children under 6 months try out the different baby bouncer models, but in cases where the manufacturer allows for longer use, children have also tested the functions over a whole year. Most baby bouncers have no age limit, but they do often have a recommended age for best use.

Everything about Baby bounce

A baby bouncer can be a very useful aid in your everyday life with a young baby. Other than a pushchair and bed or cot, a baby bouncer is one of the most common baby accessories, and there are a wide range of different models. The simplest kind of baby bouncer consists of a metal frame covered by fabric, and these are often good at allowing the child to bounce but don't have the option of changing the seat angle. This design is often seen in older models but there are also modern variants with the same structure. A more advanced type of baby bouncer can be adjusted between sitting, resting and sometimes even completely reclining positions. Some baby bouncers can also be locked in a fixed position, so the baby bouncer can be used as a simple high chair. There are also baby bouncers which are more like an automatic baby swing that swings itself, and which can also have built-in functions for playing music or vibrating. These can be battery-powered or electric, and are often popular with parents of children with colic.

For the slightly larger baby, a baby bouncer can be a good complement to a baby gym so that the child has activities in several places. Alternating between sitting and lying on the back or stomach prevents the use of a baby bouncer from causing back problems. Most baby bouncers can be used from newborn until the child reaches the maximum weight for the bouncer. In our test of baby bouncers we review several models and list both advantages and disadvantages.

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