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Top 15 Best Baby Carriers of 2022


We have tested 28 different baby carriers and name the Ergobaby Omni Breeze as our best in test. This comfortable baby carrier is ergonomic for both the carrier and comfortable for the baby. The carrier has an efficient, load-bearing waist belt and lets you carry the baby in four different positions. The Ergobaby Adapt, another ergonomic baby carrier from the same manufacturer, also stood out in our test. The Adapt model is very comfortable for the parent and has the added advantage that it can be used by newborns without requiring an insert.

Top 29 Best Baby Carriers of 2022

How we conducted our baby carrier reviews

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carried out of the test ourselves and tested all of the baby carriers as intended to be used in everyday situations. The baby carriers were tested by several different families, with men and women of varying sizes and heights. We asked families with new-born infants to use the carriers as well as those with children of pre-school age, as long as they did not exceed the weight limit of the carrier. We assessed each baby carrier by considering the following criteria:

  • Wearing comfort for the adult: how well does the carrier distribute the load over your body? Is most of the weight on your hips/stomach or on your shoulders? Are the carrier straps padded? Can it be adapted to be a carrier for petite moms and larger fathers?

  • Sitting comfort for the child: is the child in a good position when in the carrier? Is there support for its head and neck and is there enough space for a bigger child to sit comfortably?

  • Usability: how easy to use are the carrier’s straps and buckles? Is it easy to understand how to get the carrier on and off? Is understanding how to wear the carrier straightforward? Are there any other useful extras like sun protection, storage pockets and the like?

We also factored in the choice of material, price, weight limit and the possible wearing positions into the final scores we gave the baby carriers.

1. Ergobaby Omni Breeze - BEST CHOICE BABY CARRIER 2022

Cool, comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier, works all year round from birth

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: Yes On the back: Yes On the hip: Yes Material: SoftFlex meshtyg Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: Yes Storage pockets: Yes Wash: Machine wash 30 degrees User weight: 3.2-20 kg Infant insert: Not required

Ergobaby Omni Breeze

The Ergobaby Omni Breeze is a soft, ergonomic baby carrier constructed of airy mesh fabric, designed to cool both baby and the carrying parent as effectively as possible. The carrier can be used all year round, but the SoftFlex material creates air pockets between skin and carrier that both let in air and allow moisture and sweat to escape.

The carrier fabric isn’t magic. During warmer weather, it’s always a bit sweaty to have your child against your body. But compared to other carriers, the Omni Breeze still feels a little more cool and pleasant. The baby carrier is approved from birth and up to 20 kg. It doesn’t need an infant insert. The height of the carrying panel means that children up to around 2 years will be most comfortable.

Ergonomic baby carrier for comfortable carrying

If you have previous experience of ergonomic baby carriers, the Omni Breeze will feel familiar. Putting the baby carrier on is very easy. And if you aren’t sure, it includes an illustrated manual and there are plenty of instruction videos online. The hip belt is comfortable around the body and gives very good distribution of the weight, as it sits on the hips instead of the shoulders. The shoulder straps can be crossed over the back or worn parallel.

It’s extremely easy to adapt the Omni Breeze for different children and different carrying positions. If you want to quickly change between carrying the child facing outwards or towards you, you can do that without taking the carrier off. The carrying panel, which reaches nicely to the knee joint even on a one-year-old, can be adjusted in terms of width by moving the attachments sideways. These can slide somewhat during use, as there’s no way of locking them. But they only move a couple of centimetres, and it’s not a major problem.


Practical baby carrier with good storage and reflectors

Even if the carrying experience itself is the thing that’s most important, you’ll appreciate all of the well-designed details on the Ergobaby Omni Breeze. The pouch on the hip belt offers well-organised storage for any small items you need to carry. And the Omni Breeze is one of very few baby carriers to have discreet, and perfectly placed, reflectors.

Our only negative comment is that it’s a bit surprising a carrier manufactured for warmer weather has a sunshade that’s significantly narrower than on Ergobaby’s other baby carriers. It makes it difficult to shade the whole of the baby’s head, and the sunshade also feels very plasticky. The loops to attach the neck support are also a little too big, and sometimes come off the buttons – something that should be easy to remedy in production.

The Omni Breeze is very well thought-out, and it’s obvious that Ergobaby are professionals in the field of ergonomic carrying. The comfort, versatility and clever details of this baby carrier, together with the functional material, mean that the Ergobaby Omni Breeze offers comfortable carrying that works from birth, all year round.

Can be used for a long timeclever detailscomfortable to carry withcool in the summer
Narrow sunshadeloops for neck support too big

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Ergobaby Omni Breeze Pink Quartz Carrier


Ergobaby Omni Breeze - Midnight Blue


Ergobaby Carrier Omni Breeze- Olive Green


2. Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air - BEST SUMMER BABY CARRIER

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: Yes On the back: Yes On the hip: Yes Material: 100% top quality cotton Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: Yes (SPF 50) Storage pockets: Yes Wash: Machine wash, 30 degrees User weight & length: 3.2-20 kg Infant insert: Not required

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh

Cool Air is the cool summer version of Ergobaby's popular Omni 360 baby carrier. With the Omni 360 Cool Air, you can carry the child on your chest facing towards and away from you, as well as on your hip or on your back. You can use the baby carrier straight from birth without having to use any extra infant insert. The width of the carrying panel can be altered with Velcro attachments, so the baby carrier is always just the right size to give support to the child from one knee to the other. And if you want to turn the child to face outwards, you can quickly reduce the width of the carrying panel by moving sliding attachments. These are stable, so there's no risk of them moving around between different positions - and they make for a neat solution. As usual with Ergobaby's carriers, sitting comfort for the child is very good, and the Omni 360 Cool Air is also comfortable for the parent doing the carrying.

The idea with a summer version of a harness is that it should be a cooler alternative. The Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh has lots of mesh, including on large areas of the carrying straps. The netting does allow in the air and helps sweat and moisture from the carrier's body to escape, but it has the biggest effect on the child. The majority of the carrying panel consists of mesh, which means the air and wind can enter and cool the child's back, and so it’s less hot when you’re carrying your child. But it's difficult to avoid sweat occurring between the child's and parent's bodies. Other than the ventilation, the baby carrier has good sun protection in the form of a piece of fabric that can be attached to the carrying straps with press studs. It's clear that both parent and child will be less hot with the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh than with a normal baby carrier without mesh. For use in the summer and for an active family, the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh is highly recommended as a baby carrier.

Large areas of meshmesh covered areas give good cooling for the childgood folding sunshade
No air comes through the hip belt

3. Ergobaby Omni Dream

Versatile, smart and reliable ergonomic baby carrier in soft and flexible cotton

Material: 100% cotton Against the chest: Yes Forward facing: Yes On the back: Yes On the hip: Yes Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: Yes, SPF 50+ Storage pockets: Yes, 2 and a detachable waist bag Wash: Machine wash at 30 degrees User weight: 20.4 kg Infant insert: Not required

Ergobaby Omni Dream

With Omni Dream, the hugely popular brand Ergobaby has treated the cotton in its baby carrier to make it even softer on the skin than its predecessors, the Omni 360 and Omni Breeze. They call the solution “SoftTouch” and what could actually be more welcome during the warm summer months when both parents and children wear less clothing?

Comfortable for both adults and children

Like many other baby carriers from Ergobaby, Omni Dream is designed to suit four different carrying positions: on the front (with the baby facing in or facing out), on the hip, and on the back. During the baby’s first months, it should sit facing inwards towards the wearer's belly/chest, but after about 5-6 months the baby is free to change position to suit their personal preference.

The padded hip and shoulder straps are adjustable to easily adapt to different body shapes, and for those who want an extra tight fit, the shoulder straps can be crossed over the back. For optimal weight relief, the hip belt should be tightened quite tight, so that Omni Dream is a really pleasant ergonomic experience for both the child and the adult wearer. The fact that Omni Dream works from infancy without an extra insert if the child sits facing inwards towards the stomach is an appreciated detail in everyday life.

Well thought out design

Omni Dream is a baby carrier that feels well thought out in several ways. The detachable storage bag is particularly clever. It is located on the hip belt under the child’s bottom. It easily accommodates a few nappies, wipes, and a smaller change of clothes. In addition to the bag, Omni Dream has two smaller pockets on the hip belt that can be used to hold credit cards, extra pacifiers, or keys. The hood at the baby's head helps to make any breastfeeding a discreet affair, while also providing SPF 50+ protection during the sunniest days.

Getting your baby in and out of the prone position is easy and takes place in no time, while back carrying sometimes requires an extra adult, in order to place the baby in a comfortable position. In addition to this, Ergobaby Omni Dream is an all-round, soft and extremely popular baby carrier that makes baby carrying a joy for both parent and child.

Flexible materialcomfortable for both child and parentsmart and well-thought-out design
A bit difficult to get your child on your backslightly noisy shoulder straps

4. Ergobaby Omni 360

An ergonomic baby carrier that distributes the weight well for the parent and can be used straight away for carrying newborns.

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: Yes On the back: Yes On the hip: Yes Material: 100% top quality cotton Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: Yes (SPF50) Storage pockets: Yes Washing: Machine wash 30 degree User weight and height: 3.2-20 kg Infant insert: Not required

Ergobaby Omni 360 All in One

Despite having an almost identical name, the Ergobaby Omni 360 shouldn't be confused with the slightly older Ergobaby 360 model that doesn’t offer the possibility to carry your child facing outwards. The Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier is available in a wide range of colours and patterns. While this doesn't affect the performance of the carrier, it will surely be a plus point for those looking for a stylish baby carrier. You’ll be wearing it a lot, so why not choose a model that looks nice! Having this choice of colours almost makes the carrier like a garment, which you then can match with the clothes in your wardrobe.

With the Omni 360, you can choose to carry your child on your chest either facing towards or away from you, or on your hip or back. You can use the baby carrier straight away from when the child is born without having to use an extra infant insert, making it very easy for carrying your child. The Omni 360 is easy to adapt to your needs or body shape. The width of the carrying panel is altered using the velcro attachments. There are clear markings showing the width suitable for particular ages and lengths of children, helping you to make sure the sitting support for your child is right. If you want to carry your child facing outwards, you can make the carrying panel narrower so that the child can sit comfortably with their bottom in a kind of shell and their back against the parent's chest with their legs facing outwards. You can change the carrying panel from the outward to the inward position using effortless fasteners.

As with all of Ergobaby's carriers, the child’s sitting comfort is high. The child's knees are higher than their bottom, exactly as is recommended. The carrier allows for a C-shaped curve in the back, which is important in making the baby carrier ergonomic. The neck support can be folded inwards to provide extra support for an infant's neck, folded outwards to support a larger child, or upwards for when you want to provide extra support for a sleeping child's head. The carrier also has a sunshade which can be conveniently folded out of the way into a zipped pocket. The Omni 360's shoulder straps can be crossed over your back or parallel to each other. If you have a small baby in the carrier, crossed straps are recommended as it allows the carrier to hold the child a little more tightly by bringing them closer to the parent’s chest. The baby carrier has a substantial hip belt, which can be fastened at different heights so that the child is always at the right position in relation to the parent's body. The hip belt can be tightened from either direction and has a support plate on the back to allow for even weight distribution. If you set the carrier correctly, you can even comfortably carry a 1-2 year old with the Omni 360.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier is as comfortable as it is practical. On the front of the hip belt is a handy removable zipped storage pouch, which you can use to store things that you need to be easily accessible. The carrier covers all your essential needs when carrying your child, while doing a good job at keeping the child in the right position. While the carrier may feel a little technical at first, it's easy to learn how to use it, and once you've done so, the Omni 360 will be a real lifesaver during your child's first year.

Can be used directly from the child’s birthworks with lots of different carrying positionsdistributes the weight well for the parenthas a good ergonomic sitting position for the child
Can feel a bit stiff when it's new

5. ERGObaby Adapt

An ergonomic baby carrier which can be used from birth and provides the ultimate carrying comfort for the parent

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: No On the back: Yes, from approx. 6 months On the hip: Yes Weight: 740 grams Material: 100% premium cotton Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: Yes (SPF50) Storage pockets: Yes Wash: Machine wash 30 degrees Standards: Oeko-Tex Standard: 100, Global Organic Textiles Standard, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act User weight: 3.2-20 kg Infant insert: Not required

Ergobaby Adapt

The shoulder straps of the ERGObaby Adapt can be worn either parallel to each other or crossed over. When worn crossed over, the straps provide good weight distribution. They are particularly effective when carrying smaller children as they give better support and are an excellent fit for the baby’s body. The Adapt’s panel is soft enough for the child to keep its spine curved in the optimal C-shape, and to allow the baby’s bottom to sink down so that its body stays in the ergonomic ‘frog position’.

The base of the panel can be adapted to the child’s body length by attaching it using the Velcro straps at different points on the carrier. The width of the panel can also be adjusted using snap fasteners. This means that it's easy for the Adapt to grow with the child, without there being a big step between one size position and the next. The carrier’s upper lip can be cleverly folded and attached in a number of different ways. The carrier’s instructions are extremely helpful for when working out how to do so. This adaptable lip works very well at letting the child see and providing good neck support for the child when he/she is sleeping.

Even if you're used to using a baby carrier, you may feel that the Adapt needs to be broken in a little when you first use it. The shoulder straps can initially feel a bit stiff and have a tendency to slip. However, the carrier will tend to soften up as you use it and will become easier to use as the child gets a little heavier. Our tip is to wash the baby carrier early on to speed up the softening process. Once it’s worn in, the Adapt is a fantastic baby carrier which will allow you to transport your child for a whole day without feeling it on your shoulders or back. While some users may miss the capability to carry the child facing forward as in the ERGObaby 360 model, if you don’t need this function the ERGObaby Adapt is one of the best baby carriers out there. It’s a purchase that new parents won’t regret.

Can be used from birth without an insertcomfortable for the childcomfortable for parents
Takes a while to break in and learn to use

6. BabyBjörn One

An easy-to-use baby carrier with many different carrying positions for both front and back positioning

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: Yes On the back: Yes On the hip: No Weight: 990 grams Material: Polyester and cotton Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: No Storage pockets: No Washing: 40 degree machine wash Standards: Oeko-Tex Standard: 100, Safety standard EN13209-2:2005 for baby carriers User weight and height: 3.5-15 kg , 53-100 cm Infant insert: Built in, for use when the child is 53-62 cm

BabyBjörn One Carrier

As an updated version of one of our favourite baby carriers, the BabyBjörn One fixed many of the issues for which the previous ‘One’ model had received criticism for - from us and other reviewers. This new ‘One’ was released in autumn 2015 and feels even more well-designed and better all around. The shoulder straps have reinforced padding, the buckles are angled differently to make it easier to use them when you're inserting the child into the carrier, and the hip belt is more stable. The zips on the BabyBjörn One can now be locked in different positions, making it easier to adjust the baby carrier to your child’s needs and size.

With this flexible baby carrier your child can sit facing you, facing forwards or on your back. The carrier is suitable for all conceivable situations – both inside and outside the home. It’s extremely easy to adjust to the body shapes of different people. The waist belt and the padded shoulder straps provide even weight distribution to help counteract any aches building in your shoulders and back. The carrier also has a useful and easily adjustable built-in infant insert for newborns. This means you don’t need to fiddle with any removable inserts so you can quickly get the baby positioned against your body. However, once the child has outgrown this infant insert, they will be positioned relatively low down in the carrier.

The BabyBjörn One has a number of clever features such a silk backing to the inside of the belt, making it easy to rotate the carrier if you want to position in on your back instead. It’s safe to rotate the carrier like this as the neck buckle means that you can’t drop the child when you rotate the carrier. Another useful function is that when you remove the child from the carrier you don’t need to lift them up to open the buckles, which is useful if the child has already fallen asleep. Overall, the baby carrier is well sewn and has a high-quality feel. It does have a neck protector which can be folded down when it’s not required, but we found this to ride up by itself on occasion as there’s no easy way of fastening it down. Button fastenings to prevent this happening would have been useful. We would also of liked to have seen some kind of protection for the plastic buckles on the shoulder straps, as the child’s head can come to rest against them if you sit down while the child is asleep.

You put the BabyBjörn One baby carrier on by first climbing into it with one side buckle done up. After this you tighten the hip buckle, place the child in the carrier and then do up the remaining buckles. The hip belt fastens behind your back with a simple hook, which you can easily tighten by pulling it forwards. You can do these steps very quickly, which makes the BabyBjörn One our favourite carrier if you want to quickly get your child into place close to your body. If the baby carrier gets dirty you can wash it at 40 degrees, which is useful. A number of handy accessories are available for the baby carrier, such as a winter cover for added protection, i.e. wind and water-resistant fleece covers and a bib. All in all, this is a fantastic baby carrier which is well worth its price.

Well-chosen materialshas many different carrying positionsbuilt-in infant insert
Awkward to storeneck support has no buttonsno protection over the buckles of the shoulder straps

7. BabyBjörn Harmony

Airy baby carrier that is easy to adjust, works very well in the summer

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: Yes On the back: Yes On the hip: No Material: 100% polyester Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: No Storage pockets: No Wash: 40 degrees, no fabric conditioner User weight: 3.2-15 kg Infant insert: Not required

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony

The BabyBjörn Harmony is a classic baby carrier manufactured in airy 3D mesh. But the choice of materials doesn’t mean that the Harmony can only be used in the summer, as the baby carrier works all year round. When it’s warm out, the 3D mesh helps both with releasing sweat and moisture from the child and carrying parent’s bodies, and also with ensuring that air can circulate better through the carrier.

Putting the carrier on isn’t difficult – you simply follow the instructions. After you’ve done this a couple of times getting the carrier in place is quick, particularly as all of the attachments go together so easily.

Baby carrier that can be used from newborn

You don’t need an infant insert, as the BabyBjörn Harmony can be used direct from birth. The lowest user weight is stated as 3.2 kg. The carrier can be adjusted to the size of the child by adjusting the seat surface to two different height levels when you’re carrying the child facing your chest. The newborn position lifts the baby higher up, so the child ends up within the recommended kiss distance. This means it should be possible for the parent to kiss the child on the head without having to bend down. When the child has grown, it’s easy to open up the seat area with a zip.

The stated maximum weight for the BabyBjörn Harmony is 15 kg, and the baby carrier gives good weight distribution at least up to the point when the child weighs 12 kg. As well as facing your body, a larger child can also be carried facing forwards and on your back. The Harmony worked well for different sizes of carrying parent body. Both the waist belt and shoulder straps are simple to adjust.

Good neck support that supports the child’s head

The Harmony gets an extra point for the neck support, which can be folded down to two different levels, and adjusted in terms of how tight it should be around the child. This means that the baby’s head and neck get very good support when they sleep in the baby carrier, but also that the child can see without obstacles when they’re awake. However, the baby carrier lacks a sunshade and there is no type of storage pocket either. The BabyBjörn Harmony does come in a bag, which means it’s easy to carry with you under the stroller.

Simplicity is the key thing about this baby carrier. The convenient functions and the fact that BabyBjörn have improved the child’s sitting position make the Harmony a baby carrier that will be appreciated by families who want things fast and easy and without complications.

Easy to useeasy to adjustairy materialgood hip belt
Lacks sunshadeno storage

8. BabyBjörn Original

A baby carrier which is very easy to use and takes up little space when it’s folded

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: Yes On the back: No On the hip: No Weight: 510 Material: Cotton Hip belt: No Sun/nursing protection: No Storage pockets: No Washing: 40 degree machine wash Standards: OEKO-Tex Standard: 100, Safety standard EN13209-2:2005 for baby carriers User weight and height: 3.5-11 kg, 53-66+ cm Infant insert: Built in

BabyBjörn Original

The BabyBjörn Original is our favourite baby carrier in the budget price category. It’s also the lightest and most compact baby carrier of the products in the test, making it perfect if you’re planning on taking a carrier with you on a trip. The fabric is soft and gentle on the child’s skin and the baby carrier doesn’t lose its shape even if you’ve had to compress it into a suitcase. The child has a very good view of the surrounding world when inside the carrier and the neck protection provides reliable neck support for sleeping babies. If you have a sleeping child in the baby carrier, it’s really easy to lay them down as you can unbutton the entire seating part and lay it down together with the child. We found that this carrier was actually the best baby carrier for this type of manoeuvre out of all the products in the test, which will make it a lifesaver for many parents with young infants.

You put on the baby carrier by putting on the back straps and then tightening it over your stomach. You can insert the child from any direction before tightening up the chest straps to secure it. Moreover, you can adjust the child’s seating height against your body by using the buckles under your armpits.

We felt that the baby carrier was both easy to put on and adjust. However, it doesn’t offer many different seating position for the infant. The child can sit in the baby carrier either forward facing or facing towards your chest, with its legs hanging out of the side in both positions. If you want to sit down with the child in the carrier, you will have to fold the child’s legs to the side. We did think that the manual was the best in the whole test though, with its clear images and instructions making it easy to understand how the baby carrier should be used. The carrier also has two reflectors on the seat, which is a handy feature if you plan to use it in the dark. There are a number of accessories you can buy for the carrier, such as a wind and water-resistant fleece cover and bib.

In summary, there is a lot to like about this carrier, even more so with its low price and quality design. However, if you’re going to use the baby carrier for long periods, we would recommend getting a model with a hip belt. In addition, the BabyBjörn Original is only suitable for children up to 11 kgs, which sets a limit as to how long you can use it. Despite this, the attractive price and simplicity of this product makes it absolutely ideal as a travel carrier or as an extra carrier.

Extremely light and compacteasy and quick to usegood choice of materials
No hip beltcan’t cope with heavier children

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9. Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air Mesh

Comfortable and easy-to-use baby carrier with a lot of mesh and good ventilation for the child

Material: 100% premium cotton Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: No On the back: Yes, from around 5 months On the hip: Yes Weight: 800 g Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: Yes (SPF 50) Storage pockets: Yes Wash: Machine wash 30 degrees Standards: Oeko-Tex Standard: 100, Global Organic Textiles Standard, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act User weight & length: 3.2-20 kg Infant insert: Not required

Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air Mesh

Adapt is Ergobaby’s first baby carrier that can be used direct from birth up to 20kg without an infant insert. Now it’s also being released in a summer version, under the name Adapt Cool Air Mesh. When Ergobaby produced a summer version of its popular 360 carrier model, the result was mediocre, with a very minimal difference in ventilation. But as the name indicates, on the Adapt Cool Air Mesh they haven’t skimped on the mesh fabric. Pretty much the entire carrying panel consists of airy mesh, and the inside of the shoulder straps is covered in the same material. It’s fascinating to touch them and know that they're intended to – and do – hold up a child while still feeling like they largely consist of air.

Other than the hip belt and the neck support, the entire baby carrier is made of mesh, which means you can see straight through it – and that the air enters and sweat leaves equally easily. For the carrier, the difference is most obvious on the back where the shoulder straps are. Even if you still get sweaty on a hot summer’s day, it feels lovely not to have a standard baby carrier that absorbs the moisture and becomes damp and uncomfortable. With the Adapt Cool Air Mesh you don’t even notice the sweat so much. And for the child, the difference is felt most on the back. A baby who’s normally warm doesn’t get sweaty on their back, and if there’s a little wind the breeze cools them still further. The only place where you’ll still get warm is where your body is in contact with the child’s, and not even a well-ventilated baby carrier like this one can fix that. Overall, the Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air Mesh is a high-quality summer baby carrier. And this combined with the many carrying positions and the support it provides means we can’t describe it as anything other than top class.

Lots of meshgood ventilationvery comfortable for both child and carrier

10. Cybex Maira Click

Soft and comfortable baby carrier with a carrying panel that can be adjusted to the child’s size

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: No On the back: Yes, from around 6 months On the hip: Yes Weight: 740 g Material: 100% cotton canvas Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: Yes (SPF 50) Storage pockets: No Wash: Machine wash 30 degrees Standards: Oeko-Tex Standard: 100, Global Organic Textiles Standard, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act User weight & length: 3.5-15 g Infant insert: Not required

Cybex Maira Click

The Cybex Maira Click is a baby carrier with a hip belt and classic shoulder straps. You wear the hip belt at the height on your body that means the child’s head ends up the right distance from yours. A rule of thumb is that when you’re carrying your child you should be able to kiss the top of its head without straining. The belt has an extra safety clasp, which means it can never be unfastened by mistake. You use both hands to pull the straps outwards when tightening up the hip belt, making it easier to get a good fit. With the Maira Click, you can either have the shoulder straps parallel or crossed on your back. Crossed straps are often recommended when you’re carrying a small child, because they need to be extra close to your body. However, it’s important you get the cross low on your back so the straps don’t chafe your neck. This also prevents the weight from being centred too high up on your back.

Even if the Maira Click is a traditional baby carrier in all respects, it still has a little of the baby sling feel. This is largely because of the carrying panel, in other words, the fabric that enfolds the child. The carrying panel is made from relatively thin fabric that’s very soft and flexible. There are no hard edges or chunky buckles to cause chafing. The carrying panel can easily be adjusted to the child’s age and size. It can be made wider, so the fabric always reaches from one knee joint to the other. It can also be made taller, so there’s always good support for the child’s back and neck. The Cybex Maira has a practical sunshade that attaches to the shoulder straps with small hooks when you want to give your child some shade. And when the sunshade isn’t being used, it can be concealed by popping it into the carrying panel. The baby carrier comes with a convenient storage bag as well.

When the baby carrier is brand new, the shoulder straps and buckles initially feel a bit stiff, which means it takes a little more force to fasten the latter. However, this wears off with time and use. If you want to soften the baby carrier more quickly, you can wash the Maira Click in the washing machine (always read how to wash the baby carrier). Because the fabric isn’t too dense, the baby carrier can be used comfortably all year round. The support is good, and it doesn’t feel like an effort to carry your child with the baby carrier. What primarily makes the Cybex Maira Click stand out is that you get a baby sling feeling from how the child is carried, but you don’t have to worry whether you’ve tied it correctly. This is a successful combination, and a baby carrier that will probably appeal to many parents.

Easy to put onadjusts to child’s sizesoft and comfortable carrying panel
Initially rather stiff straps and bucklescan’t carry the child facing forwards

11. Babylonia Flexia Baby Carrier

Uncomplicated baby carrier that grows with your child using replaceable carrying panels

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: No On the back: Yes On the hip: Yes Material: GOTS certified organic cotton Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: Yes, SPF 40+ Storage pockets: No Wash: Machine wash, 30 degrees User weight & length: 3.5-20 kg Infant insert: Not required

Babylonia Flexia Deep Grey

The Flexia is an organic cotton baby carrier from Babylonia that provides an innovative solution to the problem of how a baby carrier should grow with the child. Instead of a hot and fiddly infant insert, the Flexia consists of two parts, allowing the carrier to be used with a newborn of 3.5 kgs up to 20 kgs. These two parts are the harness section and a back panel. The back panel comes in three different sizes. The smallest one is used for newborns up to around 2-3 months. The next panel is used until the child is around 10-months old. After this, you change to the largest carrying panel, which works for the remainder of the Flexia’s lifetime. Markings on the carrier give you a good idea of when it needs to be modified. It’s important to remember that for a child to be carried comfortably, it needs support from one knee joint to the other. In the Flexia, the child has a correct, ergonomic position with a rounded back and the knees higher than their soft baby bottom.

Using the smallest carrying panel, an average-sized newborn has a good position in the carrier. The only slight negative is that the neck support sometimes gapes a little because there’s no padding or other supportive construction. The baby carrier has a built-in head support that you remove from a special pocket. This also works as a sunshade or for privacy if you want to nurse the child while wearing the baby carrier. You can regulate the height of this so the baby gets exactly the right protection. The carrier makes carrying your child comfortable, and gives extra support as you can cross the shoulder straps on your back. It’s easy to find the buckles that the shoulder straps click into, and the straps run smoothly when you adjust the length. The hip belt sits comfortably around the body and doesn’t chafe, which is nice when you're carrying a newborn and wearing the belt a little higher up your waist. There’s no back plate, but the support the carrier provides is still solid.

The fabric feels quite thin yet warm. The inside of the carrying straps is clad in mesh, however, which does breathe better. Compared to how thick and stiff the material of many baby carriers is, the Flexia feels like you can really get close to the child. The fact that the Babylonia Flexia is so easy to use is a major advantage for anyone unfamiliar with a baby carrier. And it adapts really well to a growing child. But you do have to remember where you put the other panels. The structure also makes it more difficult to quickly change between carrying two children of different sizes. The carrying comfort is good and the child adopts a good position, but we would have liked to see a more supportive neck support for the smallest babies. Moreover, when the child begins to get heavier, the support provided to the parent isn’t so good. Overall, the Babylonia Flexia is a user-friendly carrier that works well for parents looking for an ergonomic solution.

Easy to usecomfortable to carryflexible materialinnovative solution for growing children
Too little neck support for newbornsless supportive for heavier childrendifferent panels are fiddly

12. Baby Björn Mini

Soft and convenient baby carrier for your baby’s first few months.

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: Yes On the back: No On the hip: No Material: 3D Jersey: 80% polyester, 16% cotton, 4% elastane 3D mesh: Mesh fabric in 100% polyester Cotton: 100% BCI certified cotton Hip belt: No Sun/nursing protection: No Storage pockets: No Wash: Machine wash 40 degrees Standards: Oeko-Tex Standard: 100, class 1 User weight & height: 3.2-11 g Infant insert: Not required

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini Cotton

Baby Björn’s latest baby carrier model is called Mini, and is designed to work best during the child’s first few months. You can carry the child facing inwards on your chest, and when the child is a little older – Baby Björn’s recommendation is from 5 months – you can even carry the child facing outwards. The maximum weight is light at only 11 kgs, but this makes sense given that this is a carrier intended for the smallest babies. The baby carrier is available in three versions, namely one in cotton, one in soft jersey and one in mesh for warm weather or active parents.

If you’re worried that a baby carrier is hard to put on, you’ll love the Mini. It’s really easy to put on even when you’re in a rush, and because it’s made up of two parts – the straps you wear and the actual carrying panel for the child – you can walk around with half of the carrier already on. All of the fabrics are soft, both for the baby and for the parent. The carrying panel is flexible and the child has a comfortable position. The buckles click in without problems and the baby carrier is simple to adjust while you’re carrying, for example if you want to correct the angle of the baby’s bottom or tighten the straps. If the carrier gets dirty, you can just put it in the washing machine (always read how to wash this baby carrier first).

The Mini is intended for small babies who don’t weigh too much, and perhaps that’s why Baby Björn have chosen not to add a hip belt. Instead, the carrying straps will be familiar to anyone who’s used an older Baby Björn carrier – they're crossed over at the back. The fact that you can’t distribute the weight onto your hips or waist means carrying the child quickly becomes tiring with the Mini. And as carrying comfort for the parent is one of the most important factors when buying a baby carrier, this is a major concern. We’d also have liked to see a sunshade – some kind of screen or fabric to pull up so the child’s head is protected when the sun is out. The idea of the Baby Björn Mini is very good. For a newborn it feels much cosier than Baby Björn’s other baby carriers. The fact that it’s so simple to use means it’s not off-putting to carry your child with it. But the length of time you use it for needs to be short, and that makes it less value for money. This baby carrier isn’t a good choice for long-term carrying, but the Baby Björn Mini could still become a favourite during the child’s first few months for parents who aren’t used to baby carriers.

Soft and flexibleridiculously easy to put onavailable in three different versionseasy to wash
No sunshadeno hip belt to distribute the weight better

13. Mountain Buggy Juno

Stylish baby carrier with practical infant insert and easy-to-use magnetic fastener

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: Yes On the back: Yes On the hip: Yes Weight: 850 g Material: 100% OEKO-TEX fabric Hip belt: Yes Sun/nursing protection: Yes (SPF 50) Storage pockets: Yes Wash: Machine wash 30 degrees Standards: Oeko-Tex Standard: 100, Global Organic Textiles Standard, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act User weight & length: 3.5-20 kg Infant insert: Included

Mountain Buggy Juno

Mountain Buggy is well known as a manufacturer of pushchairs, but the brand also has a number of other baby products in their range. One example is the Juno baby carrier. The Juno can be used from your baby’s birth up to weighing 20 kgs, which means you can use it for newborns and babies that are 6 months plus. It offers four different carrying positions, i.e. facing outwards and inwards on the parent’s chest, on the hip and on the back. The carrier includes an infant insert, which should be used until the child weighs 6.5 kgs. This is usually around 6 months. Mountain Buggy has succeeded in developing an infant insert that’s surprisingly easy to use. It can also be flipped out and in, growing with the child so the edge of the insert doesn’t come too high up in relation to the child’s neck. But you still can’t avoid noticing that the Juno is much more convenient as soon as you no longer need the infant insert.

The outside of Mountain Buggy’s baby carrier is made from tougher, single colour fabric while the inside is lined with softer cotton. The Juno has a number of functions that make it stand out. The carrying panel consists of a double layer of fabric with openings from both sides, making a pocket. This is perfect for putting your hands in when you want to hug your baby a bit more closely, but also works as a practical handwarmer when it's cold. The Juno has a built-in sunshade and a pocket you can store it in. The shoulder straps are fastened over the back with a really clever magnetic clasp. And even if it may sound like a magnet might come undone easily, you really don’t need to worry about it. It’s very useful that the buckle essentially fastens itself.

Many of the Mountain Buggy Juno’s functions are intelligent and well thought out, but unfortunately, there are other parts that aren’t so top of the class. The shoulder straps and hip belt are well padded, and they provide really good support. But the padding on the shoulder straps stops just before the plastic buckles. If you’re carrying your child wearing a vest top or other thin garment, the buckles stick into your back and become really uncomfortable quickly. There should be an extra layer of fabric under the buckles. The straps are also made of fabric rather than nylon. This creates lots of friction when you’re pulling the straps through the buckles, and it makes them really tough to adjust. This in turn means it's not easy to adjust the baby carrier until it’s comfortable. With the Juno, Mountain Buggy has a good foundation to build on, but they have a little way to go before they offer any real competition in the baby carrier market.

Clever pocket for hands or storageeasy to usemagnetic bucklepractical infant insert
Carrier buckles chafe the skinstraps in stiff textile

14. BabyBjörn Move

Practical baby carrier for the child’s first year, with supportive backplate and breathable 3D mesh

Towards the chest: Yes Facing forwards: Yes On the back: No On the hip: No Weight: 846 g Material: 100% 3D-mesh polyester Hip belt: No Sun/nursing protection: No Storage pockets: No Washing: Machine wash 40 degrees Standards: Oeko-Tex Standard: 100 User weight and height: 3.2–12 kg Infant insert: Not required

BabyBjörn Move

The BabyBjörn Move is a baby carrier intended for the child’s first year. The maximum weight is 12 kgs, and BabyBjörn state that it can be used up to about 15 months. The idea is that the Move should be a straightforward carrier that you can quickly put on and just as swiftly get the child into.

The carrier consists of two parts. A back part, made up of the shoulder straps and backplate. You can wear this part as a vest on the upper part of your body under your coat, so you're always ready to carry your child. The second part is the actual sitting surface for the child. This can be removed, which is very useful if the child has fallen asleep and you want to relocate them to a pushchair or cot.

Because the Move is intended for small babies, it’s unlike other BabyBjörn carriers in that the child lies directly against the parent with no fabric in between. But when it’s very hot, it can be very sweaty to have the child directly against your chest when you're active. At times like these, it’s an advantage that the BabyBjörn Move is made from 3D mesh, designed to wick away moisture and let in air.

The baby carrier can be adjusted to the child’s height, and can therefore be used from birth (the minimum recommended weight is 3.2 kgs) without an infant insert. The actual sitting surface can also be adapted in width, depending on whether the child is sitting facing the parent or looking forwards.

The carrying comfort is limited given that the weight is primarily borne on the parent’s shoulders. But the backplate does a good job of distributing the weight over the parent’s back. Taller parents will find this works better than shorter ones, so how the backplate is positioned on your back is important.

BabyBjörn has an even simpler infant harness in their range, but the Move offers much better support. We have liked to see a small storage pocket to put things in. It’s also surprising that the Move doesn’t come with any kind of folding sunshade for the child’s head, like many other baby carriers do. If you have previous experience of BabyBjörn’s baby carriers, you’ll quickly work out how the Move functions. And if you don’t mind the concept of obvious straps and substantial buckles, you’ll appreciate how it’s designed too.

Doesn’t require an infant inserteasy to keep cleancan be separated into two parts
Short use periodno storage pocketno sunshade

15. Ergobaby 360 Cool Air

Baby carrier with excellent comfort for the parent and ventilation for the child

Price: Medium Material: Polyester Carrying positions: Four Maximum weight: 15 kg

Ergobaby 360 Cool Air

The summer version of Ergobaby's popular and ergonomic baby carrier is called the Cool Air. A number of pieces on the 360 have been replaced with 3D Air Mesh on the 360 Cool Air. These are primarily a section in the middle of the carrier, where the child’s back sits if you're carrying it facing towards you, and the edges of the carrier where the child’s legs stick out together with the carrying straps. The mesh fabric is rather thick and the difference in terms of ventilation is perceived as marginal. The biggest effect is obviously for the child, as the air coming through means their back gets less hot and sweaty. The basic design of the 360 means the neck support can be folded down, allowing more air to the head, which also makes a difference in how hot the child gets in the carrier. If you want some protection for the head too, the carrier has a hood with a sun protection factor of UPF 50+.

The carrier straps on the 360 Cool Air are just as substantial as on a standard Ergobaby 360, which affords a comfortable carrying experience. The parts of the straps that are made from mesh fabric allow sweat to evaporate. This cools you off a little better, but for the parent it's still always a warm process to walk around with another body pressed close to your own. The only functional difference we could find in the 360 Cool Air compared to the normal 360 is that the waist belt fastens with a silent button closure instead of the broad and rather noisy Velcro. The Ergobaby 360 Cool Air is a very good baby carrier with fantastic functions that provides a good carrying experience for both adults and children. As a summer baby carrier, it doesn’t stand out as much, but if you’re prone to being warm and you want all the functions the Ergobaby 360 boasts, the 360 Cool Air does make some difference in terms of ventilation.

Excellent carrying comfort for the adultmore air gets to the child
Minimal difference in coolness for the carrying parent

Everything about Baby carrier

A good baby carrier should provide the carrier with back support when you carry your child and balance the child’s weight so that it is evenly distributed over your body. Older models of baby carrier often previously only had shoulder straps, while newer models now tend to have hip or waist belts in order to better distribute the load. A baby carrier allows you keep your child close to you while simultaneously allowing you to be able to walk and move in a safe manner. The carrier should be comfortable for both you and your child, and if you manage to choose the right baby carrier you should hopefully have a carrying aid that will last you for many months and perhaps even for several years.

For this test, we tested several different baby carriers from manufacturers like BabyBjörn, Ergobaby and Britax. To make it easier for you to choose the right product, be sure to read about the different carriers and our assessments of them in our reviews. We have also included useful tips such as factors you should think about before buying a baby carrier and how you should decide which baby carrier is most suitable for your needs.

How to choose the right baby carrier

When you choose a carrier it’s important to think about what particular features you will need. Will it always be the same person using the baby carrier, or should it be easy to adjust to different parents and body shapes? If you want to use the carrier to help the child fall asleep, you will need a carrier that is easy to remove the child from once he/she has fallen asleep. In this case, it’s important to choose a baby carrier with straps that are easy to undo and that is easy to remove the child from. If the baby carrier will be used instead of a pram, perhaps attached storage pockets will be a priority as well. If you're choosing between a baby carrier and a sling, there are carriers that provide very similar support to that of a sling alongside the improved functionality a carrier provides.

When carrying small children, it’s important that their head is properly supported in the baby carrier when they're awake and asleep. For optimum seating comfort in an ergonomic position, the infant should be sat in what's known as the “frog position”. When carrying slightly larger children it can be important for them to have a good view to allow them to look out and explore the exciting world around them. Different models of carrier provide different ways for the child to look out of the carrier. They also allow for different ranges of carrying positions, including carrying your child with his/her stomach facing you, with their stomach facing forwards, on your back or even on your hip.

If you know that you're going to use the carrier to carry the child for a long time, it can be sensible to choose a model that can cope with larger weights. The capacities of baby carriers vary considerably between the different models and manufacturers. Baby carriers that work for slightly older children often have an infant insert which you can remove as they get older. It can be a good idea to think about how the baby carrier is designed, for example, if you want to be able to use the carrier while being pregnant. Moreover, if you wanted to carry your child soon after a Caesarean section, you may find a waist belt to be more comfortable than a hip belt.


Different baby carriers can be more suitable at different times of the year due to the levels of warmth they provide. You should think about when you intend to use the baby carrier. The interior material of the baby carrier could also be important if you have a child who is often sick. Some carriers are made of mesh, which is a material that’s difficult to wipe clean if this happens. Mesh could also leave a slight impression on the baby’s skin if it presses against it, but it does allow for a better airflow which makes it more suitable in summer. Vice versa, a baby carrier made from a thicker material may be more appropriate for winter. Some baby carriers come with cover attachments to provide additional protection in lower temperatures – and some even come with scarf for baby and mother. But a coat for the baby will usually do the trick in the winter months.

You will need to think about the seams and fabric that will be in contact with your baby’s skin. Is there any risk of chafing from these? It’s important to be aware of the labels on the baby carrier. The Oeko-tex label refers to a testing and certification system for fabrics. If it has this label, it means the manufacturer hasn’t used any substances in the production of the carrier which could pose a risk to the child or are harmful in any other way. This is always reassuring as your child will be spending a lot of time in the baby carrier, and his/her skin will no doubt come into contact with the fabric.

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