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Top 10 Best Baby changing bags of 2022

Top 19 Best Baby changing bags of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. In our test of baby changing bags, we asked ordinary parents of young children as well as an expert in baby products to look at and use the different models. In the test, we primarily looked at the following characteristics:

  • Function: Does the bag have some form of device for attaching it to a pushchair, is the bag equipped with a compartment to keep a baby bottle warm, are changing mats or other practical accessories included?

  • Design: How well designed is the bag, what material is it made of and what type of handle does it have?

  • Storage: How many storage compartments does the bag have, is there a pocket that can be closed, how big is the changing bag?

The above factors were then compared to the price, after which we allocated a score to each bag.

1. Skip Hop Duo Signature – BEST CHOICE CHANGING BAG 2022

Many, well-planned storage compartments, clever attachment to the pushchair, very good value

Pushchair attachment: Fixed straps with clips Carrying handle: Yes Shoulder strap: Yes, removable Inside compartments: 2 pockets, 1 compartment with zip top Outside compartments: 6, of which 2 have magnetic clasps and one has a zip Changing mat: Yes Bottle compartment: Yes, net compartment on the outside

Skip Hop Duo Signature

Skip Hop's Duo Signature baby changing bag is an updated version of the brand's classic Duo. The changes are mainly at the level of detail, but Skip Hop have really listened to the wishes of parents and refined some of the functions. The Duo Signature is a very practical changing bag. In terms of appearance, a wide range of colours and patterns are available. The aesthetic appearance isn’t as trendy and the Duo Signature can’t pass for a normal handbag, but it’s still really attractive on the pushchair. It also has a clever attachment function. With a double shuttle clip, you can attach both a strap long enough to be run around the pushchair's handle, and then, over the top, the shoulder strap.

The external surface of the Duo Signature is durable, and the entire bag has been machine washed successfully. On the inside there are two pockets. We’d have liked to have seen more opportunities to organise things. At the top, just inside the edge of the bag, there’s also a smaller, zipped compartment suitable for a telephone or purse. The outside of the Skip Hop Duo Signature has more storage options. On both short sides there are mesh bottle pockets, on the front there are two pockets with magnetic clasps and a large compartment that closes with a zip. At the back of the changing bag there’s a really large compartment that easily holds the changing mat. If you’re looking for a baby changing bag that’s really durable to use and practical in all situations, the Duo Signature is a great choice, but the competitive price makes it a definite winner and leads to us naming the Skip Hop Duo Signature as best in test.

Durableclever solution for strapsvery good value
Would have liked to see another couple of compartments on the inside

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Duo Signature Changing Bag, Skip Hop Baby Changing Bags, Grey - One Size


Skip Hop Dash Signature Nappy Bag - Chevron


Skip Hop Duo Signature Nappy Bag - Red


2. Bugaboo Changing Bag

Easily organised bag tailored for use with Bugaboo pushchairs

Pushchair attachment: Built-in mounts compatible with Bugaboo Fox, Bee5 and Buffalo Carrying handle: Yes Shoulder strap: Yes Inside compartments: 4 pockets, 1 compartment with zip plus one for the changing mat Outside compartments: 4, 1 with zip and two pockets with lids Changing mat: Yes Bottle compartment: Yes, insulated compartment on the outside

Bugaboo Changing Bag

The Bugaboo Changing Bag comes in a number of different designs, and the colour choice also affects the pricing. The bag is well organised with plenty of compartments both on the outside and inside. It comes with a changing mat, as well as attachments that allow it to be hung on all Bugaboo pushchairs, with the exception of the Bugaboo Donkey.

What makes the Bugaboo Changing Bag unique are the built-in mounts in the shoulder strap. These rubber mounts can be hooked to built-in knobs on the side of the chassis on the Bugaboo Fox and Bee5, and used with the clips on the Cameleon3. Because the bag is then held further down on the handle, there’s no risk that the pushchair will tip over. However, you should never pack the bag too heavily.

The changing mat is spacious and has clever storage pockets on the sides, as well as a separate compartment in the changing bag so you can easily access it. On the outside of the Bugaboo Changing Bag there’s an insulated compartment, perfect for a baby bottle or food jar that needs to retain the heat. Because there’s both a shoulder strap and a carrying handle, it’s convenient to take the baby changing bag with you.

The Bugaboo Changing Bag hangs differently on the pushchair, depending on whether it’s combined with a carrycot or a seat unit. If the seat unit is facing forward, there’s plenty of space for the bag. If you have the seat facing you, or are using a pushchair with a carrycot, the changing bag is against this and partially pushed backwards. It works, but it's not always very aesthetically pleasing.

The fact you can both suspend the bag from the handle and put it under the pushchair is very convenient. And thanks to a very well-thought-out set of storage compartments, it’s always easy to find what you’re looking for. The only downside is that the baby changing bag can’t be washed. And it quickly gets dirty when placed close to the ground. Other than that, the Bugaboo Changing Bag feels like a perfect choice for anyone using a Bugaboo pushchair.

Clever attachment for Bugaboo pushchairsvery good set of compartmentsspacious changing mat
Hangs less well when the seat is facing backwardscan’t be washed

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There are no prices right now

3. Skip Hop Mainframe Backpack

Super practical changing bag backpack with intelligent opening and many compartments on the outside

Pushchair attachment: Fixed straps with hook Carrying handle: Yes Shoulder strap: Yes, two backpack straps Inside compartments: 1 large compartment and 2 smaller pockets Outside compartments: 3, of which 2 with zips Changing mat: Yes Bottle compartment: Yes, two compartments on the outside

Skip Hop Mainframe Wide Open Diaper Backpack

The advantage of changing bags that can be carried like backpacks is quite obvious to anyone who has ever had to deal with even one child. Having the bag on your back makes it possible to have both hands free, and make it easier to carry a child – in your arms, with a sling or in a harness. The Skip Hop Mainframe Backpack is an excellent example of a well-designed backpack-type baby changing bag. It’s not as comfortable to carry as a normal backpack, but it works and has all the functions you’d expect from a baby changing bag.

The name Mainframe comes from the fact that the bag opening consists of a metal frame, which folds apart like an old-fashioned purse. This does wonders for getting a good overview of the contents of the bag. When the Skip Hop Mainframe Backpack is open, the frame is fully extended, which means you can immediately see whatever it is that you need. The disadvantage of this type of design is that you don’t open the bag just a small amount at the top in order to find something. You simply can’t even get your hand in unless the zip is fully opened.

On the sides of the Skip Hop Mainframe Backpack are two built-in bag hooks, with short, adjustable straps that can be fastened around the pushchair handle. The shoulder straps can also be adjusted in length. The changing bag comes with a changing mat, which fits perfectly in a compartment on the inside of the bag. This is also the only compartment in the bag. The inside of the Mainframe Backpack isn’t entirely satisfactory if you like to arrange your things in different compartments, but the outside more than makes up for that.

On the sides of the Skip Hop Mainframe Backpack there are large bottle compartments, which can also hold wider baby bottles. Up by the carrying handle on the front there’s a large, zipped compartment and underneath that a slightly smaller compartment that can be folded out. This in turn contains several other pockets, for small items and valuables.

In terms of size, this bag feels very spacious, and easily holds nappies, change of clothes and other necessities for two small children. But the Mainframe Backpack is also quite large in terms of outer dimensions and, due to the metal frame in the opening, it can be difficult to fit under a pushchair. However, the positive aspects of the Skip Hop Mainframe Backpack outweigh the negatives, and this is one of the better backpack-type changing bags currently available.

Very spaciousclever openingbuilt-in pushchair hookscarried as a backpack
Few compartments on the insidecan’t be partially opened

4. Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack

Backpack baby changing bag with comfortable carrying straps and practical outer compartments

Pushchair attachment: Detachable straps Carrying handle: Yes Shoulder strap: No, fixed backpack straps Inside compartments: 3 Outside compartments: 4, of which 2 have zips Changing mat: Yes Bottle compartment: Two of the outer compartments can be used for a bottle

Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack

The Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack is a baby changing bag designed to work just as well on the pushchair as in your hand or on your back. On the back of it there are two adjustable, padded backpack straps. The changing bag also has a standard carrying handle, as well as two straps with a hook to attach it to the pushchair’s handle. The bag is very spacious even if, from the outside, it doesn’t look very big. Inside there are three compartments. One larger one for the changing mat that comes with the bag, and two smaller compartments with elastic openings, which are ideal for nappies. The main compartment itself is very big but it wouldn’t have hurt to divide it up into more sections. As the baby changing bag is quite deep, there’s a risk that you’ll have to rummage around for a while before you can find what you’re looking for. But the positives of being able to carry a lot of stuff still outweigh any inconvenience.

The backpack closes with a drawstring and has a cover that’s held in place with a magnetic catch. On the outside, the Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack has four compartments. A compartment on each side, which also serves as a bottle holder. In the top there’s a small compartment with a zip, ideal for small valuables. On the front of the bag is a larger compartment which also opens with a zip, and which is ingeniously constructed. When this is opened, sewn-in fabric wedges on the sides make it like a hatch that folds out. Perfect for a package of wet wipes or nappies you need to access quickly. But in addition to having great compartments, Chelsea Backpack's main strength is that the carrying straps are so good. The bag is actually really comfortable to carry as a backpack even during longer walks. So it works both from day one with a baby, and also for a trip out with a three-year-old. The Skip Hop Chelsea Backpack is simply one of the best backpack baby changing bags available on the market right now.

Comfortable as a backpackgood attachment to the pushchairclever outer compartments
Somewhat untidy and cluttered inner compartment

5. Done By Deer Backpack Baby Changing Bag

Durable, well-organised and water-resistant changing bag that’s also sustainably manufactured

Pushchair attachment: Separate pushchair hooks Carrying handle: Yes Shoulder strap: No, fixed backpack straps Inside compartments: 6 pockets, 1 zipped compartment Outside compartments: 1 compartment with zip Changing mat: Yes Bottle compartment: Yes, not insulated

Done By Deer Changing Backpack

The Done By Deer Backpack Baby Changing Bag has plenty of features worth bragging about. The baby changing bag is made of 100% recycled polyester from PET bottles. For those who care about climate change, and how that links to baby-related purchases, it’s great that more and more sustainable alternatives are starting to come onto the market.

Flexible and easy-to-use backpack model

As the name suggests the Done By Deer baby changing bag can be used as a backpack. There are two adjustable straps on the back of the bag. These aren’t padded, but for normal use they work well. It’s also a big plus that the changing bag has a strap that can be fastened over your chest. That way the shoulder straps shouldn't slip when the bag is full and you’re carrying your struggling child in your arms.

Two pushchair hooks are also included with the Done By Deer Backpack Baby Changing Bag in case you want to carry the bag that way instead. You attach these to the handle of the pushchair using Velcro. Then you can easily attach or remove the changing bag as needed. Unlike many other baby changing bags, Done By Deer is waterproof thanks to a PU coating. This means you can leave it on the pushchair even in heavy rain.

Few outer compartments but well-organised on the inside

The changing mat is held together with a press stud and fits perfectly in one of the many compartments on the inside. It’s easy to organise everything your child needs and also to quickly find a dummy, an extra pair of socks or whatever it is you need at any given moment. Since the bag is quite deep, you get plenty of space to pack things for two children.

Perhaps the only disadvantages of the Done By Deer bag is that it only has one outer compartment and also lacks an insulated bottle compartment. However, there are compartments inside which hold a bottle in an upright position. But overall, the benefits far outweigh the few shortcomings of this bag. The Done By Deer Backpack Baby Changing Bag is incredibly durable, practical and spacious. The sustainability aspect is just the cherry on the top.

Sustainably madegood backpack functionspaciouseasy to packwater resistant
Unpadded backpack straps

6. Skip Hop Duo Double Signature

Very spacious and well-organised bag for anyone with more than one baby

Pushchair attachment: Fixed straps with clips Carrying handle: Yes Shoulder strap: Yes, removable Inside compartments: 4 large pockets and two side compartments for bottles Outside compartments: 6 Changing mat: Yes Bottle compartment: Yes, two mesh compartments on the outside and two more compartments on the inside

Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag

Many baby changing bags are similar in size, and often too small for those who have siblings close in age – or twins. If you have several babies, a dedicated sibling or twin baby changing bag is often worth its weight in gold. The Skip Hop Duo Double Signature is a model with extra space and plenty of storage compartments.

The changing bag is available in several different colours and patterns. Otherwise, there’s more of a focus on practical functionality than on design. Which is perhaps exactly what you’re looking for when you buy a large model changing bag. And you certainly won’t complain about the size. You can get a huge amount of things in the Skip Hop Duo Double Signature.

The bag has a detachable shoulder strap, sturdy carrying handles and built-in attachments so it can be hung on the pushchair handle. These clips are easy to access and secure the changing bag quite close to the handle. If the Duo Double is really full and heavy, however, it should be placed under the pushchair, to avoid the risk of the chair tipping. The bag itself is very lightweight. The material is flexible and the bag doesn’t feel at all clumsy, despite its size. The changing mat that comes with it is a standard model which also has its own compartment in the changing bag.

The Skip Hop Duo Double Signature has plenty of compartments both inside and outside. There’s also no shortage of bottle compartments. If you want to be able to separate out your stuff, it’s easy to do. The compartments mirror each other, so one child can have the right half and the other child gets the left half.

In terms of appearance the Skip Hop Duo Double Signature is a bit on the dull side. Especially compared to other models from the same brand. But as an essential companion, this is truly a baby changing bag that will make your everyday life that bit smoother. For one child, this bag is far too big. But for two children, the Skip Hop Duo Double Signature is the perfect choice.

Very spaciousplenty of compartmentsclever attachment to the pushchair
Design a bit boringsits tight against the pushchair handle if you use the built-in clips

7. Elodie Portable Changing Mat

Convenient changing mat with some storage, suitable for those who don’t want a normal changing bag

Stroller attachment: No Carrying handle: Yes Shoulder strap: No Inside compartments: One compartment with zip Outside compartments: Two open compartments Changing mat: Yes Compartment for bottle: No

Elodie Details Portable Changing Pad Off Black

Is a portable changing mat really a changing bag? No, not really. But for those who don’t want to use a regular changing bag, but still want everything they need to change a baby all gathered together in one place, Elodie’s Portable Changing Mat could be the ideal solution. With this deluxe mat, any backpack, cloth bag or handbag can be temporarily transformed into a changing bag.

Portable with practical storage compartments

The changing mat looks like a large wallet, with a loop you can thread over your wrist when you’re carrying your child and changing supplies to the changing room. It’s possible to open up the loop to attach the mat to the stroller handle, but it slips too far down and dangles, so that’s not recommended.

On the outside of the changing mat there is a compartment with a zip, perfect for a small tube of ointment or bottle of baby oil that you want on hand when changing your baby. On the inside of the unfolded changing mat there are two compartments, one at the head and one at the foot end. These are perfect in size for nappies, wet wipes or a change of clothes. The compartments can’t be closed, but if you fold and close the changing bed with the Velcro fastener, everything is kept securely in place.


Easy to keep clean with separate terry insert

As with other baby products from Elodie, this portable changing mat is well thought out. Fully unfolded, it measures 87 x 51 cm, and thus works well during the child's first year. The size means you don’t have to put your undressed child directly on dubiously cleaned changing mats in restaurants or public toilets.

It also includes two washable terry pads that snap into place and don’t slip away when the child wriggles. The entire changing mat is easy to wipe off and keep clean. The size is perfect for fitting in your own handbag, or directly in the stroller. Packing space is very limited, but for the essentials of changing, the Elodie Portable changing mat works perfectly.

Easy to handle with one handincludes terry padsflexible size

8. Britax Baby Changing Bag

Easily organised changing bag with many compartments, cover that folds over and built-in pushchair attachment

Pushchair attachment: Built-in straps in shoulder straps Carrying handle: No Shoulder strap: Yes Inside compartments: 7 Outside compartments: 4 Changing mat: Yes Bottle compartment: Separate bottle bag included

Britax Nursery Bag

There are two good reasons to choose an original pushchair accessory over a universal accessory. First, because the original one can be specially adapted to the shape or function of a particular pushchair, and second because it’s difficult to find a more perfect match in style. Britax succeed well with the latter – their baby changing bags are available in the same textiles as the pushchair, both the plain colours and mottled fabrics. They look good together and feel uniform. The fact that they’re the same fabric also means the outside of the changing bag is very resistant to wear and dirt. In terms of shape, the Britax Baby Changing Bag is more boxy than most other changing bags. Even when it’s empty, it stays square. It's attractive, but the fact that the sides are so solid also means space limitations. If the bag is full, you just can’t squeeze that little bit extra in, even by using force.

The Britax Baby Changing Bag is very well organised. It has a top that folds over the entire bag, which effectively keeps the rain out. The changing bag has a lot of compartments and you quickly grow to love the compartment on the front under the lid. Inside there are smaller net compartments which are ideal for smaller items. The changing bag comes with a changing mat and a loose bottle bag which can be attached to the bag. The Britax Baby Changing Bag has a shoulder strap with a cuff for extra comfort and the strap has two built-in smaller straps with a buckle for easy hanging on the pushchair. The Britax Baby Changing Bag gets full quickly, and the shape means it takes up space even when it’s empty. However, it’s very easy to organise the contents and has lots of very practical functions. If you already have one of Britax's pushchairs, especially one in the Go series, the Britax Baby Changing Bag is probably ideal.

Attractive with Britax pushchairslots of compartmentseasy to organise
Limited storage space

9. Bugaboo + Storksak

Exclusive and stylish changing bag with lots of compartments and a very well-designed changing mat

Pushchair attachment: With shoulder strap Carrying handle: Yes Shoulder strap: Yes, removable Inside compartments: 1 with zip, 5 pockets Outside compartments: 3 Changing mat: Yes Bottle compartment: Yes, thermo compartment on the inside

Bugaboo Nylon Bag

The Bugaboo + Storksak baby changing bag is available in two different designs. One is made of nylon, and the other – a little more expensive – is made of leather. The interior has five good pockets that are just the right size for nappies and children's clothes, as well as a compartment with a zip for your valuables. The changing bag is spacious and easy to organise. Because the bag is narrower than it is deep, you get a good overview of the contents as soon as you open the zip. The outside of the Bugaboo + Storksak is similar to a handbag. There are three compartments but they’re pretty unobtrusive so if you don’t want to advertise the fact you’re carrying nappies around, this bag is the right choice for you. One of the outer compartments is a thermo compartment that can keep a bottle hot or cold, and another is a compartment with a zipped opening on the side, just right for a telephone or keys. On the back of the bag is a slightly more spacious compartment with a magnetic catch.

The Bugaboo + Storksak has two sturdy carrying handles that are comfortable to hold, both in your hand and over your arm. There’s an extendable shoulder strap that’s attached with metal hooks, but which can also be removed completely if you don’t want to use it. The changing bag also comes with a changing mat, and this is something Bugaboo have really thought about. In addition to being really generous in size, it’s also very cleverly constructed. On both long sides there are compartments just the right size to hold 2-3 nappies or a pack of wet wipes. The changing mat can be folded and kept folded with a Velcro fastener. The Bugaboo + Storksak's changing mat is a bit like a mini bag inside the changing bag – perfect for taking on its own into the baby changing room. The Bugaboo + Storksak is expensive, but it also feels exclusive and the functions are clever and high quality.

The test's best changing matgood compartments on the insideattractive design

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10. Littlephant Messenger Baby Changing Bag

Aesthetically pleasing changing bag with separate hooks for the pushchair

Pushchair attachment: Separate pushchair hooks Carrying handle: No Shoulder strap: Yes, removable Inside compartments: 2 pockets, 1 compartment with zip top and a smaller mobile compartment Outside compartments: No Changing mat: Yes Bottle compartment: Yes, on the inside

Littlephant Messenger Changing Bag Waves

The Littlephant Messenger is an incredibly stylish changing bag that’s available in different patterns and colour schemes. For those who thought an all-black pushchair felt like a safe but boring choice, Littlephant's changing bag is the perfect accessory to break away from all that monochrome.

The baby changing bag is made of cotton, with details in leather. The fabric feels great, but it’s not particularly dirt-resistant. Stains form easily and the manufacturer recommends that you impregnate the bag before use. The bag mustn’t be machine washed. With this in mind, it's really quite hard to understand why Littlephant have used the same sensitive fabric on the underside. A reinforced bottom would have been much better, both to avoid stains and for durability.

If you need to pack a lot, the Littlephant Messenger has plenty of space on the inside. There are two large compartments ideal for nappies and wet wipes. A smaller compartment with a zip can store your valuables and there’s also a smaller pocket about the right size for a phone. Towards the bottom of the bag there’s also a cup holder on each side.

One downside is that it’s hard to find what you’ve packed. The opening of the changing bag is narrower than its bottom, which makes it tricky to get a good overview of the contents. And it's also a bit disappointing that the Littlephant Messenger completely lacks outer compartments.

However, the attachment to the pushchair works well. The bag comes with two separate hooks that are attached to the handle of the pushchair with press studs. The hooks are then hooked into the bag's shoulder straps. The Littlephant Messenger is more of an aesthetically pleasing changing bag than a practical one. But as long as you’re clear about that before purchasing it, you won’t be disappointed.

Very attractive designspacious insidecomes with separate hooks
Fabric stains easilylacks outer compartmentsdifficult to find your stuff insidequite heavy

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All about Baby changing bags

We tested several different baby changing bags, in different price classes and with varied functions. A baby changing bag isn’t a must for a new parent, but for some, a well-organised changing bag can often feel like a lifesaver. However, just as with pushchairs, the range of changing bags is vast. On one hand, pushchair manufacturers often have a range of accessories, including baby changing bags, sometimes offering different bags for different pushchair models. On the other hand, there are many other companies making universal pushchair accessories. Apart from wanting the bag to match in terms of material, it can generally be said that a universal changing bag works just as well on a pushchair as the pushchair brand's own bags.

Check out our buying guide with other important things to think about when buying a pushchair.

Important things to keep in mind when choosing a baby changing bag include size, materials and functions. Depending on how many children you have and how old they are, a small bag for nappies may sometimes be enough, while sometimes you need an extra large duo bag with space for two lots of nappy changes and food items. Some changing bags have a special device to better attach them to a pushchair. Note, however, that most pushchair manufacturers say you shouldn’t hang loads from the handle due to the risk of tipping. If you choose to use a baby changing bag in this way, it’s at your own risk. Most changing bags also include a changing mat, and sometimes there’s a special bottle compartment to keep a bottle or food cold/warm for longer. In addition to this, price and design also vary between different baby changing bags. Some have a more sporty, practical look while others are more reminiscent of trendy handbags.

In our test, and in relation to their price, we tested the functions and wear resistance of bags, and based on that we selected the changing bag we feel is best in test.

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