Updated 25 March 2022

Top 6 Best Baby sling of 2022

Are you looking for a comfortable way to carry your child close to your body? A baby sling is a comfortable and ergonomic way to carry your baby. We tested baby slings and name the Aldoria Bambu Soft as our best in test. This is a thin wrap-type sling that doesn’t get too hot but still gives good support. Perfect for newborns.

The Babylonia Tricot-Slen Organic wrap also stands out in the test as a sturdy and stable baby sling with a long period of use.

Top 6 Best Baby sling of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

We carry out our tests ourselves and test all products as they are intended to be used in reality. Our tests of baby slings have been carried out by normal parents of small children. Some of the parents had previous experience of carrying a baby with a sling, while others were pretty much beginners. The test was carried out by both parents and with children of different ages – although primarily babies from 0-6 months old. In our test of baby slings, we concentrated on the following things:

  • Use: What’s the sling like to use and tie?

  • Material: What is the sling made from, is it warm or cool?

  • Function: How stable is the sling and how long can it be used?

The price and potential period of use have then been compared to the sling’s other characteristics and the overall assessment of each sling then forms the basis for the final score.

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1. Babylonia Tricot-Slen Organic – GOOD CHOICE

Sturdy and stable baby sling with a long period of use that distributes the weight very well

Weight recommendation: Newborn to 18 kg Material: Organic cotton Size: 0.6 x 5.5 m

Babylonia Tricot Slen

The Babylonia Tricot-Slen Organic is a wrap-type sling made from organic cotton which is GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified. The fabric is thick and sturdy, while simultaneously being soft and shaping itself to the baby and wearer’s bodies. The Tricot-Slen gives very good support and is recommended for use up to 18 kg, which means the sling can be used for several years. The sturdy fabric means that the sling is on the warmer third.

There’s also a cool version of the Tricot-Slen, but the normal version is probably best if you aren’t particularly sweaty and works best in the cooler seasons of the year than in the middle of summer. As always, it’s important to remember that the baby sling is like an extra layer of clothing, so you shouldn’t dress the child too warmly. If you’re using the Tricot-Slen on a really warm day, you may find it’s enough to just have your baby in their nappy.

Plenty of fabric distributes the weight well

The sling is available in a wide range of colours and has a clear centre marking, so you know where on the fabric you should start to tie it. With a width of 60 cm at the broadest point, the Babylonia Tricot-Slen is a sling with lots of fabric. With a newborn baby, it can feel as if the child disappears into the material, but babies grow quickly and you can always fold the fabric to the sides so the child’s face is always visible. The Tricot-Slen is easy to tie and distributes the weight very well across the wearer’s body.

If your baby has an accident or you spill food on the sling, you can machine wash it at 40 degrees. The sling is available in many different colours and comes with instructions for several different ways to tie it. The Babylonia Tricot-Slen Organic is attractive and high quality – quite simply a baby sling that can be used for a long time and feels just as nice for the child as for the parent.

Sturdylong period of usedistributes the weight very well
Can be warm if used during the summer

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Babylonia Baby Carrier 100% bio Cotton - Tricot SLEN Model - 500 cm - Black

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Babylonia Echarpe de Portage Organic + DVD – Tricot-Slen – Light Grey – 2 – 18 kg

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Tricot-Slen Sling - Coal


2. Ergobaby Aura – GOOD VALUE

Thin and cool baby sling that works all year round, very comfortable to carry your baby with

Weight recommendation: Newborn to approximately 13 kg Material: 100% rayon (viscose) Size: 0.5 x 4.9 m

Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap Grey Stripes

The Ergobaby Aura is an ultra-thin baby sling in cool viscose, perfect to use in the summer but works just as well all year round. For parents who tend to be warm, it’s a particular relief to carry their child with the Aura, which doesn’t get anything like as sweaty as many other wrap-type slings. The baby sling is available in a wide range of colours. The material is very soft and you can carry your child just with their nappy on without there being a risk of hard edges that can chafe their skin.

The Ergobaby Aura has a built-in storage pocket, so when you’re not using the sling you can easily fold it into its own pouch. This makes the sling easy to store in the baby changing bag or under the buggy so it’s always near to hand. It can also be used as a thin blanket to lay over the child or to create shade.

Easy to use and comfortable baby sling.

As always when it comes to baby slings, the technique used for tying it is key. If you’re unused to this you have to practice over and over, but you finally get it right and with the Ergobaby Aura it’s easy to understand how the sling should sit. As the material is very stretchy, it’s important to remember to tie the sling tight so the child is always sitting up against your rib cage at the height where you can kiss the top of their head. The flexible material makes it easy to spread the sling out over your back for maximum weight distribution, and convenient to fold the fabric out of the way over the shoulders so the child is never covered by the sling.

The fact that you can machine wash the Aura at 30 degrees is a bonus, as babies have a tendency to create stains of all kinds. The sling is recommended for use up to about 13.5 kg. For carrying heavier children it’s better to use a stiffer fabric. But for the first couple of years, the Ergobaby Aura is a fantastically comfortable and good value sling that can easily be used by parents of all heights and sizes.

Very cool and thincomfortable to carry withintegrated storage pocket
Works best during child’s first year

3. Baby K'tan Baby Wrap

Wrap-type sling that’s practical for beginners, doesn’t need to be tied and is quick to put on

Weight recommendation: From 3.5–16 kg Material: Cotton Size: XS, S, M, L and XL

Baby K'tan Original

It may seem contradictory because babywearing is all about tying the sling right, but the Baby K’tan Baby Wrap is a baby sling for those who don’t want – or don’t dare – to do just that. It’s also useful if you want to put the sling on outdoors without dragging all the fabric on the ground where it can get wet and dirty. The Baby K’tan consists of two fabric loops held together with a fabric band and a separate piece of fabric that also works as a storage pocket when you turn it inside out.

The wrap is available in five different sizes, from XS till XL, and these correspond to standard jacket sizes for men and dress sizes for women. You should choose the size you had before the pregnancy. If you’re normally between two sizes, Baby K’tan’s recommendation is to choose the smaller one, and we agree with this advice. Because you can’t tighten the wrap, it’s better to have it a bit tighter to start with and then allow it to stretch a bit as the child grows.

No-tie sling that you put on like a sweater

The Baby K’tan Baby Wrap comes with clear instructions for how to use it. It works a bit like putting on a sweater. You hang the two loops around your neck, insert one arm in each and then you can start to put the baby into it. After this you tie the extra piece of fabric around for support. For more visual guidance, there are good video instructions online. It takes a few goes before you get everything right, but once you've got the hang of the technique you can get your baby into the wrap in no time. The Baby K’tan allows you to carry your child in five different positions, including on your hip.

The Baby K’tan distributes the weight well, and feels very comfortable to use with a newborn – but perhaps not as effective as a normal sling when the child gets larger and heavier. This makes the potential period of use shorter. If the parents have very different body shapes, you’re also going to need a Baby K’tan each, as you can’t share the same one like you can with a normal wrap-type sling. But if you’re curious about babywearing and don’t feel confident about tying a sling yourself, the Baby K'tan Baby Wrap is the perfect introduction to the world of slings.

Requires no tying knowledgequick to get ongood for beginners
Can’t always be shared between parentsshorter period of use

4. Moonboon baby wrap carrier

Soft and comfortable baby wrap with good stretch, suitable for the first six months of the baby's life

Weight recommendation: Newborn to approx. 10 kg Material: Organic cotton blend Size: XS/S – 4.3 metres, M/L – 4.8 metres

Moonboon Baby Sling

Moonboon Baby Wrap carrier is a soft and elastic tricot scarf, available in several different colours and in two different sizes. The double sizes are XS/S and M/L, and the difference in length between the two is half a metre. You choose the size based on your own body and not your baby's body. However, you can't go wrong by choosing the largest size, as it also works on a smaller body. On the other hand, the shorter wrap may be more difficult to tie if you have a longer and larger body.

Moonboon has a good instructional video on its website for those who are inexperienced with wrap carriers. The fabric is quite stretchy, so the Moonboon Baby Wrap is quite easy to tie. It can be stretched out a little when you put your baby inside it. However, the stretch fabric does reduce the product's shelf-life. The maximum weight is 10 kg, but Moonboon is perceived to carry and relieve the child’s weight the best during the first six months.

Soft and cosy baby wrap for the early days

The soft cotton fabric feels very comfortable against the skin. This makes Moonboon comfortable for the wearer, as well as for the newborn baby. Wearing just a diaper is not a problem. And if an accident should happen, whether a leaking diaper or parents spilling a beverage, it’s a big plus that the baby wrap can be machine washed.

Most tricot wraps are the same, but Moonboon will quickly become your favourite. It is easy to tie, comfortable against your body, provides good weight relief, and quickly becomes a favourite for carrying your baby. If you know straight away that you want to use it for a longer period of time, this wrap may feel less affordable. But for those early days with your baby, Moonboon is an excellent wrap carrier for both experienced and inexperienced parents.

Easy to tiewashablecomfortable and soft
Suitable for the first six months

5. Najell Wrap

Soft and secure baby sling that doesn’t require tying

Weight recommendation: Newborn to approximately 9 kg Material: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 Jersey Size: S/M, M/L and L/XL

Najell WRAP Sharp Grey

The Najell Wrap is an innovative sling solution that eliminates the tying process that can sometimes be perceived as fiddly, but simultaneously retains that feeling of closeness that only a sling can give. The Wrap is a cross between a sweater and a carrier, and you put it on like you would a T-shirt. The sling is available in three different sizes, and is on the tighter side.

Very cosy for small babies

At first glance, the sling looks a bit complicated when you take out the packaging. But it includes a clear manual and you very quickly understand what should face which direction. Once you’ve got the Najell Wrap on yourself, you should put the child in the fabric cross on your chest, and then you draw the fabric up over the child. The material that runs around your back is then tightened and tied under the child as extra support.

If the child is close to the maximum weight of 9 kg, the Najell can sway rather a lot, and after carrying your child for a while it feels heavy. So this sling works best during the first six months. With a smaller child the weight distribution is very good and the Wrap is very comfortable to wear. Nor is it a problem sitting down or leaning back on something when you’re wearing the sling.

Elegant and unobtrusive design

The design of the Wrap was popular with all of our testers. The patterns and colours are all unobtrusive enough to work with your own wardrobe. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. During the hottest months of the summer, however, it felt rather sweaty. The Najell Wrap’s softness makes it an excellent choice for anyone giving birth by Caesarean section. None of the weight ends up in the area of the scar, and you can carry your baby in the sling very soon after birth because both child and sling are high up on your body.

It can sometimes feel a bit fiddly to get it on so that all of the bits end up in the right place, but it’s quicker than with a long fabric sling that you have to tie yourself and there’s no worry that the knot will come undone. Once the child is in place, it feels both comfortable and secure. The Najell Wrap is a very welcome addition to the world of slings and a perfect choice for new parents who are worried about tying a normal sling wrong, or who want to get the child up as fast as with a harness but prefer the cosiness of a sling.

Soft and cosysling feel without having to tie itfeels safe and secure
Short period of usecan’t be adapted to different bodies

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6. Je Porte Mon Bebe Basic

Elastic baby sling made from slightly thinner fabric that doesn’t need to be re-tied between uses

Weight recommendation: 3.5-9 kg Material: Terry towelling (cotton and elastane/spandex), Oeko-Tex 100 Size: 0.5 x 4.6 m

Coracor Baby Wrap

The Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Basic baby sling is a slightly thinner, elastic baby sling intended to be used during the child’s first nine months. The outside and inside of the sling are both smooth, which means the fabric feels like it’s closer to your skin and that your baby is tighter to your body.

The label makes it very easy to find the centre point of the sling when you start tying it. The sling consists of quite a lot of fabric. This means it feels tricky to get it right when you have a newborn or very small infant.

Easy to tie when you know the technique

The fact that the sling is so stretchy – it can be extended in all directions – gives the advantage that you can tie the JPMBB Basic in advance and then put your child into it and remove them from the sling during the day. In other words, you don’t have to re-tie the sling. But you do have to tie it sufficiently tight from the start, so the fabric doesn’t stretch with the child’s weight leaving the child more hanging in the sling than being carried against your body. How tight you need to tie it is something you’ll learn as you use the sling.

The Basic baby sling doesn’t include a storage pouch which would have been useful, for example if you want to take it with you under the stroller. The JPMBB Basic is a comfortable and very stretchy baby sling that works best during the child’s first few months.

Comfortable for those who like a lot of stretch in a slingthinner fabricdoesn’t need to be re-tied between uses
Doesn’t include a storage pouch

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All about baby slings

Carrying your baby in a sling – or babywearing, as it’s called – can be everything from a practical way of transporting your child to a total lifestyle. If you’re new in the world of baby slings, the wide range of products can feel overwhelming. It isn’t just that there are many different types of baby sling, from wrap to ring to structured. There are also a large number of sling manufacturers. Faced with a large number of different versions in different materials, it isn’t easy to know which type of sling is the right one for your needs.

Useful information about wrap-type slings

A wrap type sling is a popular choice for the baby’s first year of life, and is relatively easy to learn to tie. A wrap is suitable for newborns and even for premature babies. The advantage of a wrap is the stretchy material that shapes to the child and parent's bodies, and which makes it easy to get the correct frog position.

How should the child sit in the baby sling?

The frog position is how the child should be carried to best resemble how a baby would naturally position their body – with their knees drawn up and their back in a C-shape. For the child to be sitting in an ergonomically correct position in a sling, the baby's bottom should be supported by the fabric out to the knee joint, and the bottom should be lower than the knees, so that the child’s lower body forms a letter M.

How do I tie a wrap?

A wrap can be tied in many different ways, and there are plenty of instructions available from the baby sling manufacturers and also online as videos. Different ways to tie the sling can be more or less suitable depending on the child’s size and age. One tip is that a wrap should often be tied tighter than you think, because the elastic fabric is stretched by the child’s body.