Updated 16 March 2022

Top 15 Best Exercise bikes of 2022

Cancel your gym membership, the best exercise bikes of 2022 are here!

Investing in an exercise bike can save you money on expensive fitness classes and health memberships by providing everything you need from one piece of equipment. Saddle up as we take you on a journey through the best exercise bikes you can buy in 2021. We’ve considered all factors and provide options for every budget.

On your marks, get set, go!

Top 15 Best Exercise bikes of 2022

How we did the test

Our tests are independently conducted and reflect the test editor's honest and objective opinions. Selection of products and test results are in no way influenced by manufacturers, retailers or other internal or external parties.

The exercise bike test was conducted by ourselves using a team of elite and recreational athletes. Together, our riders have evaluated over 100 exercise machines. We retained the indoor exercise bikes that performed well for further testing, in some cases several years, and continuously add updates to our reviews. This might just be the most extensive exercise bike review guide on the internet! In our assessments, we focused on the following areas:

  • Ease of use: How easy-to-use is the exercise computer? Does it suit both short and tall users? Is the exercise bike easy to move? How friendly is the user manual? Does it have any unique benefits?

  • Quality and design: How well designed is the exercise bike? How much stress and wear should the construction tolerate? What type of resistance does it have? How exact is the measurement of heart rate, calories burned etc.? What guarantee does it have?

  • Functionality: Are the handlebars and saddle adjustable both horizontally and vertically? Is there an iPad or tablet holder? Does it support a wireless pulse belt?

  • Performance: How strong is the maximum resistance? How high is the maximum user weight? How powerful is the flywheel?

We scored each indoor exercise bike in relation to its price tag to work out its value for money as well. We naturally had higher expectations of an expensive product than a cheaper one, and vice versa.


Expensive exercise bike with modern technology

Price class: Professional Flywheel: 6.5 kg Display: 6.1" backlit LCD Training programs: 35 Resistance levels: 32 Resistance: Magnetic Max resistance: 350 W Seat adjustment: Vertical 32 cm / Horizontal 10 cm Machine weight: 43.5 kg Max. user weight: 150 kg Length: 92 cm Width: 50 cm Height: 149 cm Transport wheels: Yes Heart rate monitor: Hand pulse Warranty: 1 year User manual: PDF


UB500 from JTC Sport in Sweden is an affordable exercise bike with lavish choices of material and modern technology. It is equipped with bluetooth and is compatible with the Zwift app, which is one of the world’s most popular fitness apps.

Light flywheel but sufficient resistance

When comparing the specifications of different excercise bikes, we find that the UB500 has slightly less weight on the flywheel than other models. The interesting thing is that we hardly noticed any difference in resistance between this and models with heavier flywheels. Unfortunately, we have not been able to dismantle the bikes to measure the exact weight of each flywheel. The important thing in this case is that we can confirm that the UB500 offers sufficient resistance, even for fit users.

Training apps increase motivation

Via bluetooth, you can connect to different fitness apps, which we like. We tested the UB500 together with the Zwift app. In brief, Zwift offers realistic bicycle training in a virtual environment, together with other cyclists around the world who are also connected in real time. We see exercising with the help of fitness apps as a big plus because it’s a fun and motivational boost. However, there is no USB port for charging, which is particularly important if you are training via apps.

Expensive choice of materials

Several parts of the construction, such as crank arms and saddle posts, are made of aluminium, which is a more expensive and durable material than standard metal. We therefore think this should be visible on the warranty period, but it is only for one year.

The training console has a smart shelf where you can place your tablet or phone. We like the fact that the mobile device does not obscure the display, which is usually the case on exercise bikes with similar solutions. However, we missed not having a water bottle holder.

Affordable exercise bike

In summary, the UB500 from JTC Sport is lavish and therefore worth its pricetag. It is a particularly interesting option for those who like to cycle with others in the virtual environment offered by Zwift.

Quality partscompatible with Zwifttablet/phone shelf
No water bottle holderno USB portshort warranty

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2. Hammer Cardio Motion BT

High-quality exercise bike with generous warranty

Price class: Medium Flywheel: 8 kg Display: 6.1 "backlit LCD Training programs: 22 Resistance levels: 16 Resistance: Magnetic Max resistance: 350 W Seat adjustment: Vertical 27 cm / Horizontal 7 cm Machine weight: 37 kg Max. user weight: 130 kg Length: 110 cm Width: 52 cm Height: 140 cm Transport wheels: Yes Heart rate monitor: Hand pulse Warranty: 3 years User manual: PDF

Hammer Cardio Motion BT

Hammer Cardio Motion BT is a practical exercise bike with several useful features such as a USB port, tablet/telephone shelf, and a smart steering wheel for navigating between the different training programmes. Hammer also offers a generous three-year warranty.

Easy to assemble

When Cardio Motion arrives at your door, most things are already assembled. With the right handling, the bike is assembled within one hour, and the necessary tools are included in the delivery. It has a clear and good user manual, which is also available online. However, the instructions are not available in Swedish, which reduces the rating somewhat.

Compact and smart console

The console is not large but is equipped with several useful functions. We particularly liked the smart steering wheel, which makes it easier to navigate the training computer and adjust resistance during the actual workout. Below the display is a rubberised shelf where you can place your tablet or phone during the bike ride. There is also a USB port at the top of the console that can be used to charge your mobile device.

Many training programmes and OK resistance

Cardio Motion BT offers soft and responsive cycling. There are several adjustment options that make it easy to sit in an ergonomically correct way. We felt that the saddle was slightly harder than other models in the test, but it is obviously a matter of taste. This exercise bike is packed with different training programmes and it’s easy to navigate between them. The bluetooth function also makes it possible to connect the bike to various training apps, such Kinomap.

In addition, Cardio Motion BT offers perfectly fine resistance, even if it may be somewhat low for those who are really fit.

An affordable and versatile exercise bike

Hammer Cardio Motion BT is a really good choice if you want a versatile exercise bike at a reasonable price. The many training programmes will also help you to keep your exercise spark lit. The generous warranty guarantees high quality and we think that Cardio Motion is a very good purchase.

Smart scroll buttonUSB portmany training programsgenerous warranty
Hard saddlelow max load

3. Spirit Fitness CU800

Self-generating exercise bike with high build quality and easy-to-use exercise computer

Price class: Professional Flywheel: 13.5 kg Display: 6.3 inch Type: Backlit LCD Colour: Blue (Monochrome) Size: 6.3 inch Exercise programmes: 10 Resistance: EMS Number of levels: 40 Seat adjustment: Vertically & horizontally Machine weight: 52 kg Max. user weight: 200 kg Length: 108 cm Width: 55 cm Height: 136 cm Transport wheels: Yes Pulse meter: Yes Guarantee: 1-2 years Video clip: Assembly instructions: Product demo

Spirit Fitness CU800

The Spirit Fitness CU800 is a top-quality exercise bike in the upper professional class, which we have named the best professional choice. It’s primarily intended for environments where exercise machines are used extensively, such as commercial gyms. The design is exclusive yet discreet and stylish, which is why it blends in well both at home and in commercial premises. The CU800 is robust with a solid construction. The saddle has excellent shock absorption, is reasonably firm and is easy to adjust horizontally and vertically, so even a tall person can get good use from it. The handlebars enable you to vary between several different grips and thereby improve your overall comfort. The CU800 generates its own electricity, which works well and simplifies placement whilst eliminating the need for power cables. The control panel has a limited number of buttons that do make it easy to understand.

The exercise computer is uncomplicated and intuitive and offers a varied selection of training programmes and many resistance levels. You can select a pre-set program to lose weight or from many other workout goals. The display is a decent size, but considering the price class, we’d have liked to see a more high-resolution screen. The manual is pretty basic for the price class and is only available in English. The fan provides some coolness, but its position can’t be adjusted, so it only hits the chest of taller people. The CU800 has transport wheels, but to use them, you have to lift the rear of the machine, and it’s difficult to get a good grip. Together with the high machine weight, this makes the exercise bike challenging to move.

Very high build qualityeasy-to-use exercise computerself-generating
Low-resolution displayfan not adjustable

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4. Sole Fitness LCB Bike

Price class: Professional Flywheel: 14 kg Type: Backlit LCD Colour: Blue (Monochrome) Size: 8.5 inch Training programmes: 10 Resistance: EMS Number of levels: 16 Maximum resistance: 550 W Seat adjustment: Vertically & horizontally Machine weight: 52 kg Max. user weight: 150 kg Length: 144 cm Width: 74.4 cm Height: 128 cm Transport wheels: Yes Pulse meter: Yes Guarantee: 2 years Video clip: Assembly instructions: Product demo

Sole Fitness LCB

The LCB Bike from Sole Fitness is an attractive professional exercise bike of a very high standard for a reasonable price, so we’ve named it as the best professional choice. It is the perfect machine to add to your routine to lose weight and gain muscular endurance. The saddle is spacious, and the gel insert makes it comfortable to sit on. It’s easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally so that you can find the best exercise position, regardless of your height. The handlebars are robust with several possible grips, and they feel good to both hold on to or lean against. The construction of the indoor exercise bike is very stable, and the solid flywheel provides exemplary resistance. The large, backlit display is easy to read, even in a darker room. Non-technical users who are otherwise easily baffled by exercise computers will like the LCB Bike. With several large shortcut buttons and an intuitive user interface, the exercise computer is straightforward to understand. As the exercise bike is self-generating, there’s no need for a power cable, making it easier to position. If you pause during training, the computer isn’t reset, but remembers where you left off. The LCB Bike's weaknesses are few and far between, but we’d have preferred a more upright cup holder and stronger transport wheels.

Excellent pricecomfortablerobusteasy-to-use exercise computer
Flimsy transport wheelscup holders slope too much

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5. Titan Life Bike B65

Well-equipped exercise bike with soft saddle and low step-through frame

Price class: Intermediate Flywheel: 5 kg Display: 5.3” Exercise programmes: 21 Resistance levels: 16 Resistance: Magnetic Seat adjustment: Vertical 18 cm/Horizontal 7 cm Machine weight: 30 kg Max. user weight: 130 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 133x63x99 cm Transport wheels: Yes Heart rate monitor: Hand pulse/chest belt Guarantee: 1 year User manual: PDF

Titan Life B65

The Titan Life Bike B65 is a stylishly designed exercise bike that has both a wireless pulse receiver and lots of exercise programmes. It has a flywheel with a low weight but which uses a special system to make the perceived resistance significantly heavier.

Exercise bike with large display

The B65 has a simple but attractive design and a low step-through frame, making it easier to get on and off. The generous display has a user-friendly interface and shows all of the important workout information. With a little practice, you can navigate quickly through the many exercise programmes. These include programmes for both pulse and body fat. Unfortunately the display is not backlit and in a dark room the figures are difficult to read.

Adjusting the saddle height is easy, with a large sprung screw. But it doesn’t go up high enough for users around 190 cm tall. You can also move the saddle horizontally, although only a few centimetres. We like the soft padding that’s comfortable to sit on even during a longer workout.

Easily assembled exercise bike

You assemble the bike in four stages and the process is relatively simple. All the tools you need are included in the package and the user manual is clear and guides you step-by-step.

The Titan Life B65 is ideal if you’re looking for an attractive and well equipped exercise bike with a low step-through frame. If you also appreciate the combination of a soft saddle and challenging resistance, we think this may be the exercise bike for you. This is a good value alternative in the intermediate price class.

Several exercise programmeslow step-through framestylish design
Display not backlitshort saddle height

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6. Epsilon Exceed MX90

Elegant exercise bike with great value for money and a heavy flywheel

Price class: Budget Flywheel: 9 kg Display: 5.5" backlit LCD Training programs: 12 Resistance levels: 32 Resistance: Magnetic Seat Adjustment: Vertical 24 cm / Horizontal 7 cm Machine weight: 40.5 kg Max. user weight: 150 kg Dimensions Length: 109 cm Width: 56 cm Height: 149 cm Transport wheels: Yes Heart rate monitor: Hand pulse Warranty: 2 years User manual: PDF

Sportig.Se Epsilon MX90

Epsilon Exceed MX90 is a well-equipped exercise bike for the price class, with both a backlit display and a shelf for tablets/telephones. This affordable model is really elegant, while offering tough resistance and nice adjustment options.

Ergonomic adjustment options

In order to achieve the gentlest cycling possible, it is important to find ergonomically good settings. Here there are good opportunities for this, as the saddle can be moved both horizontally and vertically, with a relatively generous range. The saddle is slightly harder than other models and the material is perceived to be of a cheaper material, which reduces its durability. As with most other exercise bikes, the handlebars cannot be adjusted vertically, but the angle can be adjusted.

Easy-to-navigate training computer and heavy flywheel

MX90 has an attractive and simple console. It is equipped with only five buttons that are both clear and easy to understand. Underneath the console is a tablet holder, and beneath the display you can place your phone, which is very practical! Under the display are also the twelve training programmes that are illustrated in the form of images, and you can quickly and easily navigate between the various training programmes using the practical steering wheel.

The bike is also equipped with a heavy flywheel that provides challenging resistance, even for fit people. The tiltable handlebars have a comfortable grip, as well as sensors for heart rate measurement. For a higher rating, we would have liked bluetooth, so that there would have been opportunities to link the unit with a pulse bracelet.

Affordable model with a lot of content

The Epsilon Exceed MX90 is really good value. It is particularly suitable if you are looking for a slightly cheaper exercise bike, without having to compromise on the content. Here you get twelve exercise programmes, heart rate measurement, and a handy shelf where you can place your tablet during your session.

Tablet shelfgood value for moneychallenging resistance
No bluetoothhard saddle

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7. DKN Exercise Bike AM 3i

Stylish exercise bike with great saddle and Bluetooth

Price class: Intermediate Flywheel: 11 kg Display: 5.5” Backlit LCD, Exercise programmes: 12 Resistance levels: 32 Resistance: Magnetic Max. resistance: 350 W Seat adjustment: Vertically 23 cm/Horizontally 7 cm Machine weight: 38 kg Max. user weight: 150 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 100x57x134 cm Transport wheels: Yes Heart rate monitor: Hand pulse Guarantee: 1 year User manual: PDF


The DKN Exercise Bike AM 3i features an integrated gel pad in the saddle, which helps make for really comfortable cycle workouts. For those who like to be entertained during their workouts, there's also a handy tablet shelf and an adjacent USB socket for charging.

Discreet design and non-slip handlebars

The discreet yet elegant black design is really attractive and should blend nicely into most homes. This bike is very adaptable in that the seat can be height adjusted within a wide range. It can also be moved both vertically and horizontally. On an exercise bike, it’s really important to have a good ergonomic position to minimise the risk of injury. The handlebars on this bike aren't adjustable in terms of height, but it is possible to tilt them to the desired position. However, the handlebars are comfortable to hold and grip, even when your hands are damp.

But there’s no bottle holder, which is a desirable feature for those tougher workouts.

Simple exercise computer and Bluetooth

The AM 3i is equipped with a simple yet functional exercise computer that's also easy to understand. It has only five buttons and the exercise programmes are clearly shown with pictures below the display. So with just a few clicks, you're up and running. Of course, you can also set a manual programme, where you can raise and lower the resistance yourself. The device has Bluetooth and this means you can connect your phone or tablet to any of the exercise apps available on the market. This can make your workouts more fun and provide greater motivation. You can also pair your bike with a wireless pulse band for more accurate heart rate measurement. However, no pulse band is included in this package.

Comfortable exercise bike

If you're looking for a stylish and comfortable exercise bike, the DKN AM 3i could be a wise choice. You get a useful exercise computer and the ability to connect to exciting fitness apps for enhanced fitness motivation.

Comfortable seattablet shelfbluetooth
No water bottle holderpulse band not included

8. Casall EB300

Exercise bike with exercise programmes and backlit display

Price class: Intermediate Flywheel: 6 kg Display: 5.3 inch Exercise programmes: 12 Resistance levels: 32 Resistance: Electronic Seat adjustment: Vertical 27 cm/Horizontal 6.5 cm Machine weight: 32 kg Max. user weight: 150 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 96x59x134 cm Transport wheel: Yes Heart rate monitor: Handepulse Guarantee: 3 years User manual: PDF

Casall EB300

The Casall EB300 is a convenient exercise bike with an attractive console and a user-friendly exercise computer. The display is backlit and has a straightforward interface. Below the display is a shelf where you can place your tablet/mobile phone. The bike has 12 preset training programmes and it is easy to navigate to the programme you want and get started.

Comfortable saddle and robust construction

The EB300 is a stable exercise bike that doesn’t wobble even when the load increases when you stand up to pedal. It’s equipped with adjustable feet both front and back, which contributes to increased stability. The saddle is soft and broad and makes using the exercise bike a comfortable experience. It has a low step-through frame, which makes it easier for you to climb onto it. You can adjust the seat both horizontally and vertically. We recommend that people who are more than 185 cm tall test the bike before buying as the seat may be too low.

During exercise sessions it’s easy to reach the water bottle in the holder under the handlebars. Your feet sit in two plastic loops permanently attached to the pedals, and this means you can use your legs to both push and pull. This means you use a larger proportion of your leg muscles.

Generous number of training programmes

The interface is simple and user-friendly. Press a few buttons and you’re ready to start exercising. The console has six clear buttons, and it’s easy to understand what each button does, either by trying them all out or by reading the user manual. During your workout you get a very good overview of what’s going on, because all of the numbers are large and illuminated. But that isn’t the case if you put your tablet or phone on the shelf immediately below the display, as then you probably won’t see anything at all.

Exercise bike for the whole family

The Casall EB300 is a good value exercise bike for home use with several nice details. This is a comfortable and convenient exercise bike that has several motivating exercise programmes. It works well for a broad user group such as a family because it offers everything from very light to quite high resistance. But you need to not be too tall for the machine. One of our testers was 187 cm tall and was almost too tall to use it.

Easy-to-read displaybacklitshelf for tablet/mobile phoneadjstable feet
May not work for tall usersdisplay can be hidden

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9. Casall Exercise bike EB600

High-quality exercise bike with Bluetooth and heart rate belt

Price class: Mid-price Flywheel: 9 kg Display: 5.3 inch Exercise programmes: 12 Resistance levels: 32 Resistance: Electronic Seat adjustment: Vertical 27 cm/Horizontal 7 cm Machine weight: 36 kg Max. user weight: 150 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 96x59x134 cm Transport wheel: Yes Heart rate monitor: Hand pulse/heart rate belt included Guarantee: 3 years User manual: PDF

Casall EB600

The Casall EB600 is a high quality exercise bike that includes both Bluetooth and a heart rate belt in its basic version. It has a small wheel in the centre of the training console that allows you to quickly select the right settings and the desired training programme. The console also has a shelf for placing your tablet or phone. The display is backlit with two colours and you can read the text and numbers without any problems.

Elegant design with a sturdy chassis

It has a well thought-out design that makes it easy for all age groups to get on the bike and quickly get on with their cycling session. We like the fact that you can angle the handlebars to find the best position possible. The height of the seat is relatively easy to adjust and the seat can also be adjusted horizontally to a certain extent. The EB600 also has adjustable feet at the rear to make it as stable as possible. Unfortunately that’s not really enough, as the bike has a tendency to wobble when the load increases and you stand up on the pedals. At the same time, the EB600 delivers plenty of resistance at the highest level and can challenge even the most regular cyclists. There’s a water bottle holder below the handlebars so you can easily reach it during your workout.

Extremely easy-to-navigate exercise computer

The whole training console has a nice design and we like the wheel that simplifies the selection of settings. The structure, from how to register users to the selection of training programmes, seems very well thought out. It has a generous shelf for placing your tablet or mobile phone. However, a tablet that’s lying down will obscure the entire display. But a smaller phone can be placed there without any problems. In addition to the 12 pre-set training programmes, you can also connect your bike to an app called IC+ Training. Here you can find additional training programmes to choose from. The app is free and helps you keep track of your workout.

Family cycle for home workouts

The Casall EB600 is an excellent exercise bike for the whole family. It’s suitable for both those who want to ride a bit while watching the TV and those who want to challenge themselves to more strenuous workouts. The EB600 is the exercise bike for those prepared to pay a little more but at the same time you do get a lot of bike for your money.

Easily navigated exercise computerincludes heart rate beltadjustable rear feet
A bit wobbly when you’re standing on the pedals

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10. Hammer Ergo-Motion BT

Stylish indoor exercise bike with a good exercise computer to help you burn fat!

Price class: Budget Flywheel: 8 kg Display: 5.5 inch Exercise programmes: 22 Resistance: Magnetic Resistance levels: 16 Maximum resistance: 400 W Seat adjustment: Vertical 25 cm/Horizontal 8 cm Machine weight: 35 kg Max. user weight: 130 kg Length: 102 cm Width: 50 cm Height: 128 cm Transport wheels: Yes Pulse meter: Hand pulse/chest belt (sold separately) Guarantee: 2 years User manual: Not available digitally

Hammer Ergometer Ergo-Motion BT

The Hammer Ergo-Motion BT has an attractive price tag and an equally alluring design, which will suit beginners. This bike boasts a comfortable seat and several different setting options, which reduces the risk of any injury. It’s possible to push yourself hard and maximise weight loss, as the maximum magnetic resistance is very strong. Even at the highest load, the bike works almost silently, mainly thanks to that magnetic resistance.

Aesthetically pleasing with stable construction

The Ergo-Motion BT is stable and doesn’t sway even at really high loads, making it ideal for a heavy person to use as well (always check the manufacturer guidelines). It has adjustable feet that make it stable when placed on an uneven surface. The saddle is reasonable, and the handlebars can be changed to several different positions as required. The exercise bike is equipped with comfortable pedals that also offer the opportunity to fasten your feet with a simple buckle. Two transport wheels and a lightweight design make it relatively easy to move the Ergo-Motion BT.

Stylish exercise console with USB socket

The exercise computer isn’t too complicated, and we like the fact that it’s easy to navigate. The buttons on the console are well thought through, and it’s good to have a dial so you can more easily find what you’re looking for. The Ergo-Motion BT supports wireless heart rate measurement, but heart rate bands must be purchased separately. During workouts, you can get an overview of the most common exercise information such as speed, calorie expenditure, distance travelled and heart rate. You can also download the free iConsole app for an even better overview. The app reflects the same values as you see on the display but with different graphics on your phone. The console does have a phone holder, which unfortunately obscures the display. This makes it difficult to get an overview of your workout unless you use the app on the tablet. It’s a big plus that there’s also a USB socket, so your mobile device doesn’t risk running out of battery during a workout.

The Hammer Ergo-Exercise is ideal for those who are looking for a modern mid-range exercise bike with an easy-to-navigate but relatively advanced exercise console. There are good setting options, which give the user ideal conditions for ergonomic and injury-free cycling workouts.

Flexible training computersubstantial resistanceUSB socketshelf for tablet/phone
No water bottle holder

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11. Hammer Cardio XT5

Stylish and affordable exercise bike to build leg muscle and all-round fitness!

Price class: Budget Flywheel: 8 kg Display: 5.5 inch Exercise programmes: 17 Resistance: Magnetic Resistance levels: 16 Maximum resistance: 260 W Seat adjustment: Vertical 22 cm/Horizontal 7 cm Machine weight: 30 kg Max. user weight: 130 kg Length: 113 cm Width: 54 cm Height: 133 cm Transport wheels: Yes Pulse meter: Hand pulse/chest belt (sold separately) Guarantee: 1 year Video clip: Product demo User manual: PDF

Hammer Cardio XT5

The Hammer Cardio XT5 is a really attractive, affordable indoor exercise bike. It’s equipped with several different settings, which allow you to achieve good ergonomic conditions that make it ideal for people doing knee rehab too. The bike has magnetic resistance with a maximum load that is more than sufficient for most users. The magnetic resistance makes the workout almost silent. At heavier loads, the resistance feels a bit choppy, which is a drawback.

Simple but well thought out design

The XT5 is robust, and it stands stably on the ground even under heavy loads. It has a large and sturdy saddle that’s not too soft, which means that you feel comfortable even during longer workouts. The handlebars are made from easy-to-grip material and can be moved to several different positions as required. The bike is simple to move because it’s equipped with two good transport wheels. You simply tip the bike onto the wheels using the handlebars and then roll it to the desired place. Unfortunately, there’s no holder for a water bottle, iPad holder, nor a shelf for a smartphone or tablet.

Advanced exercise computer for the price class

The exercise computer is relatively advanced for a budget model. There are also twelve pre-set exercise programmes in addition to standard programmes, such as recovery and heart rate. Think of it as holding a training plan for all your workout goals. The buttons on the console and the software are clear and easy to understand, and with just a few keystrokes, your workout is underway. The XT5 supports wireless heart rate measurement, though heart rate bands must be purchased separately. During workouts, you can get an overview of the most common exercise information such as speed, calorie consumption, distance travelled and heart rate. Unfortunately, the display isn’t backlit, making it difficult or impossible to read the exercise information in a dark room.

The Hammer Cardio XT5 is primarily aimed at those who care about the price tag but are looking for a stylish exercise bike with an easy-to-navigate and relatively advanced exercise console. There are good setting options, which give the user ideal conditions for ergonomic and injury-free cycling workouts.

Stylish designrelatively advanced exercise computer
Lacks water bottle holder & shelf for tabletdisplay not backlit

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There are no prices right now

12. Sole Fitness B94

Price class: Professional Flywheel: 9 kg Display: Backlit LCD Type: 9 kg Colour: Blue (Monochrome) Size: 8.5 inch Exercise programmes: 10 Resistance levels: 20 Maximum resistance: 600 W Seat adjustment: Vertically & horizontally Machine weight: 56 kg Max. user weight: 135 kg Length: 112 cm Width: 59 cm Height: 140 cm Transport wheels: Yes Pulse meter: Hand pulse/chest belt (included) Guarantee: 2 years Resistance type: Permanent Video clip: Product demo User manual: PDF

Sole Fitness B94

The Sole Fitness B94 is a high-quality exercise bike in the professional class, intended for the goal-oriented consumer who doesn’t want to compromise on quality. The design is modern and sporty but also discreet and stylish, making it blend in well both at home and in commercial premises. The bike is robust and dependable, which is reflected in the machine’s heavier weight. The materials used are of high quality throughout, and they can withstand frequent use. The only exception to this is in the plastic foot covers. Although these have only an aesthetic function, they can still break and come loose if subjected to significant impacts. The saddle has good shock absorption, is reasonably firm and is also easy to adjust horizontally and vertically. The design of the handlebars enables several different grips and therefore, a more varied workout while also making it more friendly to seniors who prefer to stay balanced with a specific grip. With many shortcut buttons on the control panel, it’s easy to get started with the right exercise programme quickly. The exercise computer is easy-to-use and offers varied exercise programmes together with several levels of resistance.

The backlit display is one of many other benefits, making it easy to get an overview of your workout in the dark. Beneath the display is a shelf for an iPad holder. Although the display is large, it gets hidden by a normal-sized tablet, which makes it tricky to watch the tablet and get an overview of your workout at the same time. Unfortunately, this sort of problem is the rule rather than the exception among indoor exercise bikes. The B94 has transport wheels at the front and a stable handle at the rear, which makes the bike easy to move. The user manual is clear. The B94 is an excellent choice for the diligent and discerning exerciser, as it provides a lot of high-quality bike for your money.

Very high build qualityexcellent comforteasy-to-use exercise computer
Tablet can cover the displayrather flimsy foot covers

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There are no prices right now

13. Assault Fitness AirBike

Hybrid exercise bike for excellent full-body workouts

Price class: Pro Display: LCD Colour: Black Training programmes: 3 Resistance levels: Stepless air resistance Machine weight: 45 kg Max. user weight: 160 kg Length: 130 cm Width: 60 cm Height: 123 cm Transport wheels: Two Heart rate monitor: Receiver for chest strap Guarantee: 1 year User manual: PDF Video clip: Product demo: Exercise instruction

Assault Fitness AirBike

The Assault Fitness AirBike is designed for short and intense interval workouts that help you burn fat more effectively. It works well as part of a HIIT workout or within a CrossFit training plan. You activate all major muscle groups while your workout is gentle on any existing knee pain. It requires almost no pre-programming – just hop on the bike and after a few seconds, you’re up and running.

Design and construction

It isn’t the most lightweight design, yet it remains easy to move so that the user can get started with their workout quickly. This means it has few of the other refinements that you otherwise get on more traditional exercise bikes. For example, the display isn’t backlit, there are only a few exercise programmes, and there’s no phone holder or place for your water bottle. Since resistance is only air-controlled, noise levels can become somewhat louder, and so it’s difficult to watch a film during your workouts. There’s a footrest where you can place your feet if you just want to use your arms during the workout. The Airbike is stable even at very high loads, and there are adjustable screws under the feet to make sure it’s level.

Efficient calorie burning

There are two pre-set exercise programmes with short time intervals, 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest, and vice versa. You can also select the number of calories you want to burn as your workout target, which means the exercise bike will predict how long it will take as you cycle and let you know once you’ve hit your goal. Because the exercise bike comes with arms to work your upper body too, the workout becomes energy-intensive and effective. This makes the Airbike perhaps the world's best exercise bike for efficient calorie burning. We also want to give it an extra plus point for the informative instruction videos – see specifications – with tips for challenging exercise programmes.

The Assault Fitness Airbike is aimed at ambitious exercisers who want an uncomplicated bike for really tough interval workouts every day – or just an effective program to lose weight. It’s one of the best brands of exercise bike and excellent as one station in a set of several other high-intensity strength exercises.

Noisyno tablet/phone shelfdisplay not backlit

14. Tunturi Cardio Fit B40

Simple exercise bike with comfortable saddle and step-through frame

Price class: Budget Flywheel: 6 kg Display: 3.5” non-backlit LCD Resistance levels: 8 Resistance: Magnetic Max. resistance: 350 W Seat adjustment: Vertical 24 cm/Horizontal 4 cm Machine weight: 22 kg Max. user weight: 110 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 103x50x130 cm Transport wheels: Yes Heart rate monitor: Hand pulse Guarantee: 1 year User manual: PDF Video clip: YouTube

Tunturi Cardio Fit B40

The Tunturi Cardio Fit B40 offers good resistance that’s controlled by a magnetic brake and is manually adjusted to eight levels. It also has a hand pulse meter and a shelf for your tablet or phone. Since it has a step-through frame, the bike can be especially suitable for rehabilitation training.

Useful phone and tablet shelf

The smaller, non-backlit display shows the most important workout information. There are no pre-programmed exercise programmes, so getting started is easy. However, the holder for the display and the other materials feel a bit plasticky.

If you want entertainment during your cycling session, you can place a phone or tablet on the convenient shelf located below the display. But you need to be aware that the console is so small that the mobile device will cover the display, so you won’t be able to see your workout information if you put your device there.

Nor does the bike have a container for a water bottle, which would have been desirable.

Comfortable seat and sturdy flywheel

The Cardio Fit B40 comes with a sturdy flywheel for the price tag and offers up to eight levels of resistance. It works fine for the fitness amateur, but can be a bit on the low side if you workout a lot.

With a couple of simple manoeuvres, you can adjust the seat and we like the fact that it’s adjustable both horizontally and vertically. After that, you simply start pedalling. The position is comfortable and the seat maintains a high level of comfort even during longer workouts.

Simple but good value

The Tunturi Cardio Fit B40 is a simple yet practical exercise bike for those seeking comfortable training or rehabilitation in a home environment. If you enjoy watching films or YouTube while working out, the shelf is the perfect place for your mobile device. Our assessment is that this is a good value budget class model, even though there’s a minor question mark when it comes to quality.

Shelf for tabletcomfortable seatstep-through frame
Questionable qualitynon-backlit displayno water bottle holder

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15. Epsilon M15

Simple exercise bike for limited space

Price class: Budget Flywheel: 4.5 kg Display: 2” Resistance levels: 8 Resistance: Magnetic Seat adjustment: Vertically 14 cm Machine weight: 18.5 kg Max. user weight: 100 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): 90.5x44.5x113.5 cm Transport wheel: Yes Heart rate monitor: Handepulse Guarantee: 2 year User manual: PDF

Sportig.Se Epsilon M15

The Epsilon M15 is the simple exercise bike that’s unique in its combination of a low price tag and the ability to fold up. Despite that price tag, it has a simpler exercise computer and a perfectly reasonable resistance. It also comes with a two-year guarantee!

Easy to move around

The M15 has the lowest machine weight of the exercise bikes in our test, making it easy to move. It can easily be stored in one place and then moved out into the middle of the floor for workouts. The bike is very easy to assemble and even one above person can do it in under half an hour.

Compact and slightly wobbly bike

We tested the bike during various workouts and our experience is that it’s surprisingly stable on the ground. When resistance and frequency increase towards maximum it tends to wobble a bit, but it would be strange if that wasn’t the case, given that the bike weighs just over 18 kg! It offers an acceptable resistance, but not much more. The weight of the flywheel is just under 5 kg, which is great for maintenance training in front of the TV. The compact design also limits the ability to adjust the height of the seat. People over 185 cm will almost hit their knees on the handlebars, even if adjusted to the furthest position.

The Epsilon M15 is an exciting exercise bike for anyone living in a small space who’s looking for a simpler form of home workout. It’s a good alternative to walking outdoors when the weather makes you want to stay in the warm and dry. This is a good value bike at an extremely low price and with a generous guarantee.

Compactcheapsimpler exercise computer
Cramped for the legs

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Everything to Know about indoor exercise bikes

An exercise bike is the classic home exercise machine and still as popular among users as ever. And no wonder, because an exercise bike from the best brands has many features that make it an excellent workout tool. Exercise bikes train the heart and lungs as well as the legs and buttocks. In addition, they are an efficient calorie burner and probably the type of exercise machine that takes up the least amount of space. Thanks to its variable resistance, an exercise bike can be used for both light and heavy workouts. Because the bicycle frame supports the user's body weight, the knees and joints are spared compared to walking or running. This makes exercise bikes particularly popular among the overweight and elderly, people with arthritic knees, but also for injury or accident rehabilitation. Many buyers choose an exercise bike after knee replacement surgery or similar trauma to a lower-body joint. Exercise bikes are also very popular for warming up before strength training.

Exercise bike or spinning bike?

A special variant of the exercise bike is the spinning bike, which is often associated with spinning classes, a kind of aerobics session where you cycle to music in a group. However, in recent years the spinning bike has also become increasingly popular in the home, as it has a number of beneficial properties. A spinning bike is extra stable, which can withstand tougher workouts like cycling while standing on the pedals. It’s unpowered, with incremented resistance that mimics uphill and downhill cycling very well, and has an extra heavy flywheel. In addition, the comfortable seat and handlebars can usually be adjusted in terms of height and horizontal position, which shorter users very much appreciate. Normally a spinning bike doesn’t have an exercise computer to track calories, pulse, distance etc. Motivation and tempo are usually provided instead by cycling to music, with the rhythm deciding the tempo.

Which is best? Exercise bike or spinning bike? The answer depends on the type of workout you want from exercise equipment. An exercise bike is best suited for more low-intensity training, while a spinning bike is for more intense work. Although it’s mainly younger people who use spinning bikes, they’re also suitable for older and unfit people. This is because you decide the pace and resistance yourself according to how much you can handle. Central to spinning is the intensity, which is why music is so important in this type of training. Meanwhile, an exercise bike can often also be used for hard training, but in general, you take it that bit more calmly. Exercise bike users may prefer to watch TV or listen to the radio during a workout instead of focusing entirely on exercise and music.

The best choice for you

In our test of exercise bikes, we selected the most popular bikes right now. To decide which model is best for your needs, you should ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • How often will I use the exercise bike?
  • What are my expectations in terms of exercise bike quality?
  • How much can I afford to spend on an exercise bike?
  • Will other people use the bike, and what will they expect in terms of performance and functionality?

Once you've answered these questions, you’ll know approximately how much you can spend and what your requirements are for an exercise bike. This is important, as the price varies greatly depending on the exercise bike's build quality, functionality, design, brand etc. We’ve divided exercise bikes into three different price classes as follows:

Budget class: Under £350 Characterised by simpler, lighter and less robust bikes, less able to withstand stress compared to more robust models.

Medium class: £350-£700 Characterised by more solid constructions, often with a better exercise computer.

Professional class: Over £700 Characterised by high quality, very well-built models that can withstand tough and extensive use.

We gave the bikes scores according to how good value we think they are – in other words, how much exercise bike we think you get per pound spent.

Considerations When Buying an Exercise Bike

In our tests of exercise bikes, we took into account several important properties. Some of these are listed below, with an explanation of how and why they are important.

User weight

User weight (or the maximum user weight) is an important factor for heavier people who weigh 100 kg or more. This is because not all exercise bikes are designed to carry weight in excess of 100 kg. If different individuals use the exercise bike, the machine must support the heaviest of these users. In general, the rule is that the more robust (and thus usually the more expensive) the exercise bike is, the higher the user weight it can handle.

Build quality

One of the essential characteristics of an exercise bike is its build quality. Good build quality not only makes the exercise machine more robust, but usually extends the service life as it can handle a higher load. This is especially true of exercise bikes that receive frequent use or bikes used by heavier people. Unlike, for example, a cross-trainer, robust and more stable exercise bikes aren’t usually much larger than cheaper and less stable models. But the finer details also matter, especially when considering the exercise bike’s seat. The best seats include a built-in seat cushion to make longer workouts more comfortable.


An exercise machine's aesthetic design shouldn’t affect its functionality, at least not in a negative sense. Nevertheless, the design still matters to a lot of buyers because an exercise bike is often used at home and can become an almost permanent part of the decor. So it’s important that the bike looks good, or at least that it isn’t ugly. Of course, if you have the space to store a bike when it’s not in use, the design is much less important. Some designs may also suit different users better. For example, more handle positions and a wider seat to maintain balance could be better for elderly users. Alternatively, a back rest or some type of back support is usually preferred by older exercisers. But this is the design typically found on a recumbent exercise bike. Moreover, buyers may need a design that can be stored away in small spaces, especially if they have don’t have enough room at home for all their exercise equipment.


An exercise bike normally has a display on which you can read information about your workout and control the exercise computer's various functions. A good display may also have a visualisation of your training in the form of a graph or similar where you can see how far you’ve cycled, how strong the resistance is etc. An exercise computer must be easy to navigate and use. The advantage of simple exercise computers with basic functionality is that they’re generally easier to use, as the user doesn’t have many choices. Manufacturers of the best exercise computers do not overcomplicate functions, so the user doesn’t get lost among all the functions, especially during mid-workout. But some of the top brands will add Bluetooth connectivity to the bike and help you pair your workout playlist with the display.


An exercise bike normally costs several hundred pounds, which is a lot of money for most people. So it’s important that the machine is reliable and will provide faithful service for several years. Like other products, exercise bikes can break. For example, yours could be a “Friday afternoon” exercise bike, or perhaps there’s a design error. At such times, it’s important you have a guarantee that will get the bike repaired or even give you a replacement. Consumer law gives you reasonable protection, but the manufacturer should ideally provide an even more generous guarantee. How long of a guarantee a manufacturer (or reseller) provides may be an indication of the confidence they have in the quality of their product. If the guarantee period is long, perhaps up to 3 years, they're probably quite confident in the build quality of their exercise bike. If the guarantee period is shorter, the manufacturer might not be so confident in their own product’s quality.

Sometimes even cheap exercise bikes can have generous guarantee periods, which is worth looking out for. Bear in mind, however, that as a customer you often have to pay for transport costs to the repair shop if something goes wrong. This can be expensive if you don’t have a car or live a long way from the nearest repair shop and have to send the exercise bike by post.

Noise level

Exercise bikes, together with cross-trainers, are amongst the quieter training machines. And this is good because exercise bike users often want to listen to music or watch TV while they exercise. One advantage of an exercise bike is that even cheap models are usually relatively quiet. But other than annoying noise, there’s another reason why an exercise bike shouldn’t squeak. Just as with other mechanical constructions, squeaking is a sign of high levels of friction – and that means high levels of wear. If the exercise bike starts to make such noises, it needs the same treatment as normal bikes: oil on the chain.


An exercise bike has either electromagnetic resistance or permanent magnetic resistance. Electromagnetic resistance is often abbreviated EMS, which stands for ElectroMagnetic Suspension. This type of resistance is superior to the permanent magnetic type as the durability is much longer since it has no moving parts to wear out. On the other hand, permanent magnetic resistances are cheaper to manufacture, which makes them popular among manufacturers, as they can thus maintain a lower price. Permanent magnetic resistances dominate in the budget class and are common in medium class machines, while electromagnetic resistances are the norm in premium class bikes.


An exercise bike is probably the least demanding type of exercise machine when it comes to space. And there doesn’t tend to be much of a size difference between the most expensive and cheapest models. Although exercise bikes often take up less space than a treadmill, they can’t sometimes be folded. Folding designs aren't guaranteed, so keep your eyes peeled. However, most exercise bikes can be moved and are equipped with transport wheels. You might want to search for a lightweight design if you intend to move it around a lot or relocate it longer distances.

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